5 Tips For Home Security

by | Feb 4, 2020 | Locksmith

Quick Tips To Properly Ensure Your Home’s Security

home security tips


Millions of burglaries occur every year throughout America. Due to the fast economic pace of the world, most people don’t have time to research or implement additional security in their homes. That’s why we’re doing the legwork and sharing 

Not everyone can be a security expert. DIY home security can be less expensive in some ways but can cost a lot of time people don’t have. Also, not to mention DIY is generally more limited than what the professionals would install.


#1 – Use what you have… Lock the Doors and Windows

The absolute first thing you should do when trying to secure your home is to lock the doors, and don’t leave your windows open. No matter how much you spend on security, if it’s not being used, it’s pointless. Over a third of all thieves enter homes through unlocked doors and open windows, based on criminal questioning by the police.

Nearly every exterior door on a home has a deadbolt and locking knobs, so use them. Also, most homes have window locks that are built into the frame of the window. It only makes sense to use what you have and add what you don’t. If you don’t have window locks or appropriate lock hardware I suggest you call your local locksmith and get them installed

That’s why we here at Guardian Safe and Lock are sharing some home security tips to help secure your home. From some basic things to think about to more advanced options you may need us to help with, we’re going to be discussing how to improve your home security today.


#2 – Double Cylinder Deadboltslocksmith security

If you have windows either beside or on your door, this is a must-have for home safety. If you only have a single-cylinder deadbolt on those doors, then you are at risk of not keeping your home safe. The reason being is that all the criminal has to do is break a small windowpane and reach in and flip the deadbolt to the open position and they’re in.

A double cylinder deadbolt is one where a key is not only needed on the outside to retract the bolt but also on the inside. Whereas a single cylinder deadbolt only requires a key from the exterior side of the door, with a flip handle on the inside of the door. 

In some states putting these types of locks on your door may be against the law, and in some states, it’s not. But it can be a liability if you were in a house fire and couldn’t locate your key. There are even kits for adding a double-sided deadbolt to sliding doors, patio doors, or glass doors. These are a little harder to find than your standard double cylinder deadbolt.


#3 – Strike Boxes or Heavy Duty Strike Plates

We’ve gone over burglars opening the door, but what about them trying to break through it? The front and back doors are two of the most common places thieves try to get past to enter a home. Luckily, there’s hardware that can reinforce and protect these entrances into your home.

One of our most effective additions to improving your home security is adding strike boxes or a heavy-duty strike plate to your door frame. These devices are installed on the receiving side of the deadbolt on the door frame. The difference between a heavy-duty strike plate and a strike box is minimal.

A heavy-duty strike plate is a metal plate affixed to the door jamb with a hole for the deadbolt to extend into when the door is closed and the bolt is thrown. A strike box is the same thing but in addition to the plate itself, it has a steel cup that recesses into the frame to surround the deadbolt.

In the back of this steel-encased cup, it has two small holes for much longer screws so that you can anchor it in even further by putting 4” screws deep into the door frame. Thus creating a much more secure entry point into your home, using these two pieces of hardware will dramatically increase the difficulty of kicking in your home door.


#4 – One-Sided Deadbolts or “Renters Bolts”secure my home

One-sided deadbolts are most commonly used in apartments or rental properties. This is why they are commonly referred to as a “renters bolt” because in Texas it is required for all rental properties to have one installed on each exterior door of a rental property.

When a renters bolt is installed, you won’t see anything on the outside of the door. But on the inside of the door, it will have a little knob or flap to turn to throw the bolt. This type of deadbolt is also a popular security upgrade for regular homeowners. Having this extra layer of security will make it even harder to kick in your front door.


#5 – Invest in Your Home Security System

Think of your home as having a variety of different components that make up a complete home security system. From your mechanical door hardware, alarm system, garage door openers, smart home devices, and security cameras you have a lot of options. 

Start with making sure your door hardware is adequate. Do you have double cylinder deadbolts on doors with windows? Does your door leading into your garage from your home only have a knob and no deadbolt? Are your windows secure? Do I need to rekey my locks because old friends or neighbors have copies?

If your budget allows, you should install an alarm system. They are very affordable these days and have many different options. Video intercom systems or a ring doorbell allow you to see and communicate with a person at your door without actually being there. Or maybe you need a security camera installation. You can get a camera system that can be viewed via any mobile device.


Protect What Matters To Youlatch guard

Home security has evolved tremendously over the past two decades. There are more options than ever before. If you’re in need of extra security for your home give us a call! Don’t wait to react after the fact, be proactive and protect what’s important to you. If you decide to hide a spare key, hide it well. Don’t put it under your front door mat or on top of your door. Be more creative, criminals are getting smarter every year. 

Call Guardian Safe & Lock for all your security needs, including protecting your belongings. We have all these security upgrades in our shop as well as a wide variety of security safes, gun safes, and pistol boxes. Call the Houston locksmith people trust, call Guardian Safe & Lock: 832-534-8687

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