Houston Lockdown: GSL’s Security Update

by | Mar 21, 2020 | Off Topic

Cases of the Novel Coronavirus have been increasing exponentially both in the United States and worldwide. Since we’ve last covered the topic, Europe has become the largest outbreak zone on the planet, and multiple states’ governors have issued stay-at-home orders. Our nation is quarantined, and even the Houston Lockdown has begun. Restaurants and bars have closed to all but delivery or drive-thru options, all major events have been canceled for the foreseeable future, and there are even attempts in congress to get a relief stimulus passed to provide most Americans with $1,000 cash or more.

Houston adopted a lot of these safety measures several days before the time of writing this article. In some ways, the city is faring better than most at keeping citizens informed of what’s going on. For example; here is a form that tells you if a restaurant is open in Houston and if they allow delivery and take-out, courtesy of the Houston Chronicle.

But despite careful handling of the situation, it still seems like we’re not quite out of the woods yet. Diligence and patience with our situation are paramount. Tests are becoming more widely available, allowing us to get a better sense of who is actually infected and allowing the confirmed number of cases to skyrocket. It may still get worse before it gets better.

An Update On What We’re Doing For The Houston Lockdown

As it stands right now, Guardian Safe & Lock is continuing to stay open following some internal policy changes that we have since made available to the public over social media and our newsletter, As The Cylinder Turns. As the virus continues to progress, we’ve decided to share them here on our blog as well, and you can read them below:

Coronavirus Policy

We’ve also released a video detailing the state of affairs here which we’ll also share here:

Staying Secure Through The Coronavirus

emergency locksmith houstonGuardian Safe & Lock, the most trusted Locksmith Houston can call on, is doing our best to keep all shared surfaces, machines, and employees as decontaminated as possible. With the above changes implemented, we feel confident in not just our employees’ safety, but our customers’ as well. We will continue to provide Houston access control installation, our security camera installation service, and selling the best safes in Houston.

When you need a Houston residential locksmith, an automotive locksmith, or a commercial locksmith Houston can call on even during emergencies; we’re here to help. We will continue to be here literally as long and safely as we can. Should the situation change, such as an order from the mayor, governor, or president that we must close due to the quarantines, we will continue to inform you here, over social media, and in our newsletter.

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