Hands Free Access Control Solutions

by | Dec 11, 2020 | Access Control, Locksmith

Protect From Germs With Hands Free Access Control

As the world continues on through the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses are looking for any way possible to reduce exposure to bacteria and germs, while retaining security and convenience. “Contactless” and “touch-free” practices are becoming standard procedures throughout many companies and fields, along with additional routine cleaning. However, despite the employee’s best efforts, commonly touched surfaces cannot be cleaned after every time someone touches them. Door handles, request to exit buttons, and locks are touched by nearly anyone who enters or exits a building. Fortunately, there are effective hands free access control solutions that can be used by your local locksmith in Spring, TX in a variety of situations.

Low-Touch Mechanical Solutions

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In addition to the more advanced germ-free solutions that are discussed later in the article, there are some fairly simple and low-tech options that can greatly reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria. Foot pulls and various types of arm pulls allow you to open doors using your foot or forearm, keeping germs off your hands. These are simple pieces of hardware that can be installed without much effort. On top of hardware installed on the door, you can find many stores selling hooks that go on your keychain that allow you to pull the door open without touching it. These are all cost-efficient low-tech options that are available from your locksmith in Houston, Tx.

Germ Resistant Hardware (Healthy Hardware)

Eliminating the need to touch any door handles and hardware would be the easiest way to prevent contact with bacteria and germs, however, this is not always a viable option. For the times when contact is unavoidable, there are products called “Healthy Hardware” that utilize the antimicrobial nature of copper and silver to create germ-killing alloys or coatings that kill bacteria and prevents them from reproducing. These solutions are commonly found in hospitals, schools, museums, and other high-traffic settings. When it comes to utilizing this healthy hardware, there are also adhesive wraps that you can put on a door as a cost-effective and temporary way to achieve the same goal.

Hands Free Access Control Solutions


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When maximizing the sanitation and security of your building is the top priority, there are completely touch-free access control solutions as well. One of the most popular touch-free access control solutions is automatic door openers. Usually, when using automatic door openers, you have to physically press a request to exit button, this can be replaced with a touch-free, electronic “Wave to Open” switch. These two pieces of hardware together create a total touch-free access control solution. Pair this with surveillance camera installations to maximize your security so that you always know who’s coming in and out. For doors that require more security, there are also proximity card readers available to be installed that allow you to present a badge as a credential. There are also more modern solutions that actually allow you to use your cellphone as a credential to get in. Ask your access control installer for more details on what additional hardware is available.

Hands Free Access Control: In Conclusion

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As you’ve been reading, there are myriad solutions to tackling the problem of ensuring a healthy and safe business environment in a commercial setting. From hiring a locksmith to provide new hardware and other locksmith services, to access control installation; there’s a lot you can do to secure not only your property but also your customers’ health and peace of mind. Guardian Safe & Lock proudly provides these services and products, as well as providing security safes for home and the office. We also provide access control installation and act as your security camera system installer. We truly are the definitive security professionals for the Houston area. Whether it’s traditional lock work, security cameras, access control, safes, or auto locksmith work you need to be done, when you’re looking for the most reputable locksmith near me in Houston, Tx; Guardian Safe & Lock is proud and ready to answer the call. Reach out to us at 832-534-8687 with any questions you may have on security solutions that help combat COVID-19 and other diseases, or to schedule a free estimate with our staff on installation!

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