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by | Oct 11, 2022 | Access Control

What Is Access Control? Brivo OnAir Access Control

Before we discuss the Brivo OnAir system, let’s explain exactly what type of access control system it applies to. Access Control is commonly defined as various types of keyless entry system installations. As we’ve written before; Access Control is controlling, by mechanical or electronic means, a person’s ability to gain access to a resource or location. There are two different types of access control, logical and physical access control. For the purposes of this article, we’ll be mainly focusing on the concept of a physical access control system securing your buildings.

Brivo: The Best Access Control System


So now that we’ve reiterated what access control is in the physical security sense, what’s the best option? Locksmiths in Houston agree; a cloud-based electronic access control system through Brivo OnAir systems is the answer. Brivo OnAir not only offers all of the features listed above but is designed from the deepest levels to be compatible and integrate with nearly any security system hardware, including alarm systems and even commercial security cameras.

This system works for businesses large and small, allowing for single-building usage or even networking multiple locations. This means is that if you have existing cameras, badge readers, or electronic doors; they likely can be integrated into a Brivo cloud-based system.

Have a door controller for a roll-up door? A turnstile? A gate? Garage door? All of them are very likely to be compatible. PINs, access cards, biometrics, key fobs, and even cellphone credentials (through Brivo OnAir Pass), or a combination of all of them? All these options are available to you! This is the difference with this revolutionary new system.

Brivo OnAir InstallerHow Secure Is Brivo OnAir?

Brivo’s access control technology is rooted in cybersecurity over 3 phases of product life. Brivo is designed with 256-bit encryption in both the build and programming. Specifically, the ACS3000 and ACS6000 support the latest standard and longer security key lengths; TLS1.2+ and AES256. This is the same encryption standard major banks adhere to. The system also only communicates solely over port 443, eliminating unnecessary openings for attack. The system also includes coding that detects bots and Direct Denial Of Service (Or DDoS) attacks, guarding you against attempts to brute-force your system offline.

In the sense of application deployment; Software updates are regular and automatic, meaning new types of malicious code never have a chance to get into your system or data. The system is also triple-redundant. Every production component of Brivo Onair has a redundant counterpart; including firewalls, load balancers, web servers, application servers, and database servers.

So, even in the event of a catastrophic failure, there are multiple backup systems that remain running and keep your business’s security online. In management, Brivo is a respected company, offering detailed, intensive technical and security training for many of its employees. They’re also been audited by third parties for over a decade, ensuring that their systems and controls are always handled in compliance with SOC 2 standards.

What’s The Cost of a Brivo OnAir System?

Okay, so you’re now aware of what access control is, what moving it to the cloud entails, and what Brivo is along with its security standards. What does an advanced system like this cost? How much revenue would switching to Brivo divert? Well, that’s one of the best parts. This system doesn’t have a set price. It’s a pay-as-you-go subscription. What this means is that you can start small, and scale your Brivo system with your business!

Or, you can try the system demo before fully committing and be reassured you’re never paying a cost higher than what your business demands. Brivo is so confident that any business owner will see the necessity of their system that they even offer to schedule free demos of the technology.

Synopsis: Where Brivo Stands Brivo OnAir Installation

Guardian Safe & Lock is a proud supplier of Brivo OnAir Access control systems for a few reasons. They’re quite possibly the best value on the market. Their security is top-notch, even for service in the securities industry. Integration and compatibility of many types of existing hardware (like live video surveillance) mean that it saves you money, not even including the fact that with Brivo, storage and other options are at a pay-what-you-need rate. Their customer service is second to none as well, saving you the usual headache new technology entails.

In short, we give Brivo OnAir access control systems the Guardian Safe & Lock seal of approval, for being an amazing product for small and larger businesses alike. Whether you need access control, deadbolt lock installation, Houston commercial locksmith services, a safe locksmith, or help with lost car key replacement; the locksmith Spring TX and all of the Houston area rely on stands ready to help! Give us a call at 832-534-8687 if you’re interested in access control or video surveillance systems, or to schedule a quote and a free demo session of the technology.

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