Business Security Cameras: Which System Do I Need?

by | Oct 12, 2022 | Surveillance Cameras

Business Security Cameras: Which System Do I Need?

business security cameras Year after year businesses are choosing not only to install business security cameras but also to update their existing systems. With all of the various options available to an entrepreneur; it can be daunting to know if you’re getting the correct type of system for your business and not spending too much or too little for proper security.

So today the security camera installer and Locksmith Houston trusts most will go over different options for commercial CCTV systems; from choosing which features are best for your company, to wiring and storage options that can influence the cost of installation.

Cost-Effective Business Security Cameras & Systems

Security camera installations always vary in cost, and do not need to be complex or advanced in every case. Luckily; Your favorite Houston Locksmith has some cost saving measures for you to consider that don’t sacrifice the security of your property. If you’re looking for surveillance cameras at a price point that won’t break the bank while still offering the quality and service you expect from a professional-grade system; there’s plenty you can check for to try to ease this cost.

For example; Older analog cables have been somewhat written off by many in the industry as obsolete technology. Many older buildings adopted “Siamese” style RG59 cabling for their CCTV systems over the course of their last several decades of existence. With the start of the digital age, many wrote of this type of wiring as outdated due to the lower resolutions possible with analog technology and the fact that a separate power cable must be run to supply power to the business security cameras.

However, technological advances have recently breathed new life into this method of data transmission. Modern camera systems offer “HD over Coax” and “Power over Coax” options, allowing you to use existing wiring in your facility to facilitate a picture nearly as clear as most digital business security cameras at a fraction of the price of labor for wiring a new system.

Another way to easily save is to look at the number and types of business security cameras you’re looking to have installed. For example; a more advanced outdoor camera may have a more robust build quality to survive the elements. This camera’s lenses may be more optimized for outdoor lighting as well (perhaps even with infrared thermal imaging for night vision), and offers a wide view of the area near your entrance. This camera would work perfectly for this application!

However, using only this model of camera would be incorrect as the increased cost of the build and features would be rendered pointless for keeping an eye over a stockroom when a cheaper camera could provide the same results. Installing 3 of these in a simple 8′ x 12′ room could also be overkill in some circumstances, and could lead to unnecessary usage of video storage which also increases the cost as each video feed must be saved independently.

The easiest way to ensure your camera system isn’t an unnecessary expense is to fully trust your installer’s professional experience while keeping in mind that “overkill” can be an easy line to cross with CCTV installation.

Modern Surveillance Cameras For Businesses

business surveillance cameras So say you’re looking for something more modern than retrofitted analog technologies; so what does the average CCTV system offer today? Modern surveillance systems tend to be digital, using IP cameras that communicate over a wireless network. This allows you a wealth of new options, including off-site storage of recordings, a higher possible video resolution, and other tools such as AI and analytics packages that make your business security cameras more effective to use.

Digital IP cameras are usually capable of cloud-based storage, depending on your specific brand of system; Gone are the days of sorting through video cassette tapes or scrolling through hours and hours of digital footage on a DVR.

Cloud-based storage means the data recorded by your business security cameras is backed-up and archived off-site, usually on a server under both heavy physical and electronic protections. With cloud-based cameras (like Eagle Eye Networks‘ models), you can also view what they see from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This eliminates the necessity of physically coming into the office to sit at a specific computer to view recordings entirely.

IP Cameras also tend to allow for more detailed, higher resolution video too. Some digital cameras allow for 4K Ultra-High Definition picture, and newer models are pushing 8K fidelity and beyond. This higher quality video can mean sharper details in your recordings, and these details can be the difference between positively identifying bad actors and not.

A digital security camera installation can also mean ease of use with the software, as more modern systems handle all of their software and firmware updates automatically. Also, newer systems tend to have ways of identifying certain types of motion through automation, meaning it’s easier to find moments of activity when reviewing camera footage at a later date.

Business Security Cameras With New, Advanced Features

After reading about budget and standard camera options for businesses, you might be wondering what else is out there. For those committed to an enterprise-level facility, where advanced security is a requirement and not just a cost, technology has been evolving in some very interesting ways. Let’s take a look at 3 new features offered by our partners over at Hikvision, the world’s largest surveillance camera manufacturer.

One of the newest releases from Hikvision is their new 3rd generation Deepinview LPR cameras. “LPR” stands for license plate recognition, and these new models are the best in the industry at what they do. The 3rd generation Deepinview LPR camera has added artificial intelligence that is capable of learning license plate information for wider recognition of greater quantities of plates at a greater efficiency than conventional LPR cameras.

What this means is that by simply installing a 3rd gen Deepinview LPR camera, you can have a car pull up to your building, identify the vehicle based on the plates, and even automatically clock the employee driving that vehicle in to work without you or any employee having to lift a finger!

Another newer technology from Hikvision is the ColorVu series of cameras. ColorVu business security cameras use a much larger sensor than the common industry standard and are incredibly good at capturing full-color images instead of simply relying on infrared lighting in the dark.

Infrared business security cameras traditionally were the only way to accomplish night vision for many decades, but ColorVu’s advances allow a much clearer picture over a much-improved distance. The technology truly must be seen to be believed; so we’ve attached a special video from our YouTube product review channel Guardian Approved below so you can see exactly how well this system works:

While there are many more interesting camera options and features available to consumers from Hikvision and other brands; the last major camera feature we’ll be discussing today is Hikvision’s HeatPro line of cameras. HeatPro cameras are actually two cameras in one and packed with artificial intelligence like ColorVu and DeepinviewLPR models.

They possess a standard optical module that records normal light as well as an advanced thermal module that records heat signatures. This can be used for night vision, but HeatPro shines more as an early heat or fire detection system. This line of business security cameras are regularly used to monitor warehouses and refineries where material temperature is critical to production, storage, and safety.

These business security cameras are also capable of performing in situations where shadows, bright lights, smoke, fog, and rain may obscure and negate a standard optical camera, as thermal imaging isn’t affected, without sacrificing imaging quality!

Guardian Safe & Lock LLC – Your Preferred CCTV Installer

security cameras for business There’s plenty of more features and options for you to consider when installing business security cameras, like integrating cloud-based systems with your access control system, like how Eagle Eye Networks’ business security cameras can work together with Brivo access control systems.

Luckily even with all of these available options, models, and features; Guardian Safe & Lock is ready to help you design and install the best camera system possible for your property. Whether it’s surveillance cameras, deadbolt lock installation, door closer installation, car key programming, or offering the best Gun Safes Houston can offer; Our licensed, bonded, and insured security professionals are up to the task!

When you need to fully secure your business, call the locksmith people relies on for Katy locksmith services. Call the Cypress TX locksmith with the best customer ratings. Call Guardian Safe & Lock Today: 832-534-8687

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