Cloud Based Access Control: 10 Reasons To Switch

by | Oct 12, 2022 | Access Control

Cloud Based Access Control: 10 Reasons To Switch


Cloud based access control

In the Houston, Texas area, businesses are switching over to cloud based access control at a record clip. With the access control systems Houston loves; like Brivo on air and PDK access control, Guardian Safe & Lock is well aware of why. There are many reasons to switch to a cloud based access control system over a stand-alone setup, for both large and small businesses seeking to better secure their properties. We’ll be going over 10 in particular below:

  • Price and Expenditure

Cloud based access control systems are subscription-based. You’re able to save quite a bit of revenue with a pay-as-you-need model of managing the system. Companies are investing in their own self-managed systems less and less as time goes on due to the price savings afforded in cloud based service. This allows you to cut out the higher price tags of self-run systems and optimize your internal cash flow. The resources you save with this model can be diverted to other projects that need funding, allowing your business to grow more quickly.

  • Cloud Based Access Control Flexibility

When you move to the cloud for access control, it means that you can manage your system from any point connected to the internet. It makes it much easier to manage moderation rights for employees without having to stop into the office. It can be a real time saver for larger businesses with multiple locations too, as they can all be accessed and modified by you from any location at one time. This is compared to traditional access control systems which are dependent on one specific computer to function. On a traditional system; if the computer running the access control software is damaged, crashes, or otherwise goes offline all security benefits go down with it.

  • Level of Control

Allowing for updates to the system from remote locations gives you the ability to manage privileges to individuals or groups immediately. This minimizes the chance of security incidents occurring when and after an individual is supposed to have their rights revoked. Access Rights for employees and others can be tracked with auditing too, allowing you to know who entered where and when.

  • Loss Mitigation

With all critical information safely stored on servers offsite instead of on the premises, you don’t have to worry about thieves breaking in; even if they rip the hardware from the walls. With a traditional system, all access control software is run through a single computer that can be broken or stolen to disable the access control system. With a cloud based system however; your data isn’t on site, but safely stored in cloud servers many miles from your buildings’ physical location.

  • Remote Access

The system allows you access to monitoring and managing your access control system from anywhere connected to the internet. This even includes mobile devices, meaning you and your moderators don’t need to be in-house or even in a building to be able to make the changes you need right away.

Cloud ACS installation

  • Hands-Off Cloud Based Access Control Software Updates

As everything on the technical side of a cloud based access control system is handled on the manufacturer or suppliers’ side, you never have to worry about software or firmware going out of date. All updates are conducted automatically in the background, freeing your IT staff to focus on other critical systems.

  • Internal Compliance

Cloud based access control systems following an auditing procedure that can be recalled at your convenience to ensure codes are being used properly and that employees are in and out of areas on time. The system isn’t biased, and you always know exactly who has been where and when. This is compared to a traditional key system where any employee with a key entering a door may go unnoticed for much longer or forever, as there’s no alert when the door has been used and no way to identify who used it without scrubbing through hours or even days of security camera footage.

  • Cloud Based Access Control Offers Synergy

As your business grows, so does the number of people who have been allowed access. From freelancers and suppliers to partners and former employees, there are many ways with a traditional stand-alone system that someone may accidentally retain credentials that aren’t supposed to have them. With a cloud based system; all access rights are stored in one place, making it a few clicks to update who has clearance and even adding automatic expiration dates or even times to ensure that no one carries access to your business any longer than they need it.

In addition; some types of security camera installation service such as an Eagle Eye Networks system are designed to pair and work with other cloud based technologies like a Brivo access control system.

  • The Competitive Edge

Cloud based systems update regularly and instantaneously, ensuring you save time and energy over on-site access control options. Like many other features, this frees up your time and revenue to focus on other projects while ensuring that your system is properly securing your buildings while also allowing you some additional financial breathing room to compete with larger companies and organizations.

  • Future-Proofing with Cloud Based Access Control

Probably the easiest benefit to moving to the cloud is because that’s where technology is heading. The idea of the “Internet of Things”, (the concept of all electronics being connected to the internet and communicating to increase features and ease of use), grows larger every day. Modern businesses recognize this growing standard and are moving to embrace it to decrease spending and increase customer service experiences. There really is no reason to go backward and fight this trend, especially if you see your business thriving tomorrow.

Cloud Based Access Control – In Conclusionhouston access control installer

When you need proper cloud based access control, the commercial locksmith and residential locksmith Houston calls most is ready to assist you. Whether you need an Humble locksmith, a locksmith in The Woodlands to replace car key fobs, or the insured Locksmith Katy trusts to secure their homes and businesses mechanically and over the cloud; Guardian Safe & Lock is the company to call. Our locksmith technicians are bonded, licensed, insured, and trained to diagnose your problem quickly and provide the most efficient solution. Call us today for more information, or a free quote: 832-534-8687

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