Reopening Texas: COVID-19 And Texas’ Economy

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Reopening Texas As The COVID-19 Pandemic Ends


As the State of Texas moves to be the first in the country to “reopen” the state’s economy, the coronavirus pandemic is still something to be very aware of. We’ve released a full series of blog posts covering the emergence and spread of COVID-19, including local and state orders as well as how each city in our service area is dealing with the disease. Now we hope to provide some happier news with the prospect of reopening Texas.

Today, your Houston locksmith Guardian Safe & Lock continues that coverage as the state moves to open on May 1st, 2020. With the news so scattered, it’s difficult to stay on top of guidelines being ordered by the government, so we’ll do our best to inform you of what to expect in the coming days and weeks.

Reopening Texas And Houston: Phase 1Houston Locksmith

On May 1st, 2020, Several types of Texan businesses will be allowed to reopen for the first time in many weeks. Retail stores, restaurants, movie theaters, and malls are some of the types of businesses that will be included. Most of these locations will be limited to only allowing 25% capacity unless they are located in a rural area of Texas which will be allowed up to 50%. Rural as defined by the state meaning a county that has had less than 5 confirmed cases of the Novel Coronavirus.

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Malls and other retailers will not be allowed to open food courts, play areas, or interactive displays. They must also offer a pickup or delivery option. Restaurants are only allowed to sit 6 people at a table, and the tables must be at least 6 feet apart. They must offer disposable menus, only allow valet service for cars with disability placards or plates, and only give single-use condiments only on demand.

Theaters and churches are to follow similar guidelines, with both locations needing to keep an empty row of seats or pews between occupied ones, and allowing a 2-seat buffer zone between people unless they are from the same household. Seats and surfaces must also be sanitized between screenings or services.

Public Recreation Guidelines For COVID-19

When it comes to public sports, only non-contact sporting facilities are allowed to open up. The guidelines clearly point out golf specifically, marking the need for 6-foot social distancing and only allowing one person to ride on a golf cart at a time. Public pools will also remain closed.

Finally, museums and libraries must close interactive exhibits or play areas, and require permission from their local government before opening again. These guidelines exist as a minimum precaution and many businesses may impose stricter rules. Some even are requiring masks to be worn before people are allowed to enter them. If this first phase of openings does not cause a spike in COVID-19 cases, then Governor Abbott has promised a second wave that could include businesses such as barbershops, hair salons, bars, and gyms as early as May 18th, 2020.

Reopening Texas: Keeping Houston Secure

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Guardian Safe & Lock has been and continues to be Houston’s premier residential and commercial locksmith, access control system installer, security camera system installer, and the number one safe locksmith in Houston. We pride ourselves on keeping Houston safe, but there is no lock or system to install to secure against the Coronavirus.

The only way to protect yourself from COVID-19 is to remember that while businesses may open that we’re not finished with this disease yet. Guardian Safe & Lock’s locksmith technicians have been maintaining proper social distancing policies, as well as wearing face masks and nitrile gloves and sanitizing their hands with sanitizer. We’ve also made stricter sanitizing methods mandatory for cleaning and sanitizing all tools, products, and common areas.

 We recommend that for health and safety that you follow similar procedures, initially mandated by the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization. Guardian Safe & Lock will continue to do our part to provide information as it comes through in these blog posts.

In the meantime; if you have lock or security work you’ve needed to be done, now is still a great time to call Guardian Safe & Lock. We have the experience, tools, and safety protocols to ensure that the job is done quickly, cleanly, and efficiently. Call us today at 832-534-8687!

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