Rodeo Houston 2020 – Don’t Get Locked Out

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The City Of Houston Is Kind Of A Big Deal.


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While Austin may be where laws are set, Houston is where Texas lives and relaxes. Around literally the entire world, this city is known for 2 things. Our Oil industry, and the western flair of our history. Today we’ll be talking a little bit about the latter in the form of Rodeo Houston. Houston was founded shortly after the texas revolution by land investors and earned its’  name due to General Sam Houston’s victory. It even very briefly served as the capital of Texas.


Security From The Wild West

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Only a scant 25 years after the founding of Houston, the modern Pin-Tumbler lock was invented by Linus Yale Jr., the same type of lock that we use today as locksmiths in Houston Tx. This type of door lock has been so much more functional and reliable than other predecessors that it dominates the security industry as the most common form of door security installed in any type of application.

As a Houston Tx commercial locksmith, we can also stack the pins that drive the tumbler mechanism to allow multiple keys to work in the same lock. This is called a master key system and is one of our many specialties as the locksmith and provider of access control Houston relies on.

The biggest callback we make to this rough and wild time of our city, state, and country’s history is the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. The rodeo is the biggest event every year for our city, bar none.

The show is usually centered on traditional rodeo events like bull riding and a barbeque cooking contest, to newer joys like a full carnival and modern musicians performing to crowds in the tens of thousands. No one in Houston enjoys missing out on the fun at NRG stadium every spring.

This year’s rodeo starts on March 3rd, 2020, and will run through the 22nd of the same month. If you’re looking forward to attending, our employees are too! This year hopefully be as incredible as the rest.

Safety Concerns At Rodeo Houston

houston locksmith houston, txWhile the event is a dream, the parking can be a nightmare. We maintain a fleet of service vehicles and are also the mobile locksmith Houstonians call most frequently when they get locked out of the car. If you’re locked out or lose your car keys, call on Guardian Safe & Lock. We provide emergency services like car key replacement and gaining entry into your locked vehicle.

Don’t spend hours and hours waiting for the next guy, stranded in a parking lot. Call on our professional mobile locksmith technicians to make sure you make it home on time after the big event.

Guardian Safe & Lock salutes both Houston’s and Texas’ history with the rodeo quickly approaching, and salutes the people who make our business possible. If you haven’t received services from us, and you need to upgrade your security in Houston Texas, call our office to schedule a free quote or to set up an appointment at 832-534-8687. 

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