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Ghosts In Old Town Spring?


locksmith 77379Did you know there may be ghosts in old town Spring? Did you need Security Work In The Ghost Capital Of Texas? Who You Gonna Call?  Guardian Safe & Lock of course!

Spring, Texas is a larger city located on the north side of the Greater Houston Area straddling the county line between Montgomery and Harris counties. The area has been known for farming, the railroad, and now oil and gas production with the ExxonMobil consolidation in 2014.

The entire Spring area knows the locksmith to call when they need to upgrade the devices and hardware on their homes and offices. Guardian Safe & Lock has risen to the top and is the area’s favorite security company. But what should a Spring Tx resident do when they’re haunted by not just the idea of an unsafe egress into their residence, but the possibility that spirits walk their halls?

The Haunted History Of Old Town Spring

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In particular, Old Town Spring has been an area of local history and a tourist hotspot since the ’80s, claiming everything from a bank that Bonnie and Clyde had robbed to restless spirits of railroad workers and other dearly departed people wandering the area. The area is an older part of town with a history going back hundreds of years; could some of these ghost stories be true?

There are stories from locals, as reported by KPRC, that spirits are known to lock themselves in bathrooms in local businesses and knock over items out on display.

Regardless of if these instances are actually caused by ghouls and ghosts, Guardian Safe & Lock, as your local Spring Tx Locksmith, has the hardware needed to keep unwanted intruders out of your home, business, or personal belongings.

Guardian Safe & Lock – The Spring TX “Lockbusters”

old town spring ghostsWe specialize in high-tech security solutions, like home security camera systems Houston can rely on to catch burglars in the act, or spectral visitors knocking down your fine china. Don’t worry about locks mysteriously locking behind you. Consider an electronic deadbolt or other access control installation that can be opened with a code from the outside. Installed, of course, by the most reputable locksmith in Spring Texas, Guardian Safe & Lock.

No matter what you seek to protect against, be it fire, thieves, or spirits long departed, Guardian Safe & Lock is your residential and commercial locksmith in Spring TX. We’re ready and willing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help increase your home or office security. Call us today to schedule a free quote or to schedule an appointment. Don’t take chances with forces from beyond or the criminal element here on Earth, Reach out to us today at 832-534-8687.

Guardian Safe And Lock

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