Review: Hollon Black Hawk Safes

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Hollon Black Hawk Gun Safe

Hollon Black Hawk Gun Safes


Today we here at Guardian Safe & Lock bring you a featured product review of one of our suppliers’ most popular Houston gun safe offerings, the Hollon Black Hawk series. Featuring a mid-range price point for a high-end design, the Black Hawk series of Gun Safes are proven to be a reliable option for customers seeking value and protection.

Hollon Safes have designed the perfect unit for homeowners seeking to protect their guns or other property from nearly every circumstance. From burglary to fire and water and even nuclear EMP attacks, this safe truly can protect from almost every conceivable scenario and keep functioning.

Hollon Safes

Hollon Safes is a family-owned business owned and founded by former locksmith Zack Gilmore in 2007. Drawn to the idea of creating a mid-range safe that falls somewhere between the price point of the useless thin steel boxes of the low-end of the market, and the price point of the more secure units of the higher end of the market. He decided to create the Hollon Safe company in Corpus Christi, Texas to bring value and security to the safe manufacturing industry.

Hollon Gun Safes have since then quickly become some of the best selling units in the industry, proving Hollon Safes quality and value. We here at Guardian Safe & Lock appreciate this philosophy. We have sold, delivered, and bolted down Hollon safes for many satisfied customers. That’s why we’re going over Hollon gun safes Black Hawk series, to help you save money while gaining value on your potential gun safe.

The Best Gun Safe Value: Black Hawk

The Black Hawk series of Gun Safes by Hollon Safe company are all designed with 10 gauge solid steel and an additional 1/4 inch steel plate on the interior of the door. This adds 30% more steel over competing brands and brings the front door to almost 5 inches thick, making it very resistant to crow and pry bar attacks.

 Houston gun safeEach unit has a total of sixteen 1 ½” bolts that surround all sides of the safe door, instead of just the edge opposite the hinges. These bolts are both thicker and longer than industry standards for gun safes. The hinges are a high-security vault style hinge that is designed to outlast standard gun safe hinges by decades. The vault style hinge allows for complete fire protection for the interior hinge while others that use interior hinges don’t use insulation on them.

Every Black Hawk Gun Safe comes standard with a ballistic and drill-resistant hardened steel plate to protect the lock during drill attacks. If a burglar were to somehow get through that, Black Hawk gun safes have a dual relocking system that works even if there is no lock left on the safe.

Hollon Black Hawk safes use only the Sargent and Greenleaf Military Grade EMP Rated Spartan lock. It is a UL listed Type 1 Electronic Lock designed to withstand 1,000 newtons of bolt end pressure to resist side punch attacks. This lock also includes a red LED light that illuminates the keypad for easy access even in the dark.

Fireproof Gun Safe

The Black Hawk Gun Safe has a 1 ½ hour fire rating at 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. This outclasses the average house fire; which burns at about 700 degrees for 20 minutes. It uses multiple layers of fireboard with each layer sealed, caulked, and filled with fire-resistant caulking. 

Also, the intumescent door seal expands to 8 times its original size when exposed to heat. This means that in the event of a fire, smoke and steam are kept out. Your valuables are also more likely to be protected from water should a pipe burst or flooding occur. The electronic components of Black Hawk safes are also tested against military-level EMP attacks.

The Black Hawk series of gun safes have three different size models for collections of all sizes. The smallest Black Hawk series safe is the BHS-16, this particular model holds up to 16 guns comfortably. They also have two other larger models the BHS-22 (holds 22 guns) and the BHS-45 (holds 45 guns). If you are looking for even more protection against fire and burglary you can check out Hollon’s top of the line 2 hour fire rated safes, the Republic gun safe series.

What is an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)?

Electromagnetic pulses (EMP) are short bursts of electromagnetic energy that can disrupt or damage electrical equipment, disabling them. An EMP can occur naturally during large solar flares or with lightning storms. They can also be man-made, such as with nuclear weapons detonated in the air. The high-energy particles from such an explosion would fall through the Earth’s atmosphere, interacting with the planet’s magnetic field and destroying electronics below.

The Sargent and Greenleaf high-security electronic lock used on all Hollon Black Hawk safes are proven to withstand military-level EMP attacks. This gives you full access to your gun safe even after an EMP emergency. S&G has tested the lock used in the Black Hawk series using the U.S. military’s highest EMP impact standard. At the end of the testing series, the S&G locks were still fully functional.

Top Rated Gun Safes: Black Hawk Features

Luxury features of the Black Hawk series include a 5-spoke black chrome handle and trim. A plush cushioned interior is wrapped on all sides and includes a special durable “pillow trim.” This design eliminates possible scratching of your guns.

Gun Safe HoustonIn addition to the highest quality interior, each Black Hawk Gun Safe includes a motion-activated LED lighting system. It can be either battery operated or plugged into the UL listed electrical outlet that includes multiple outlets and two USB ports. Included on the inside of each door is a heavy-duty canvas door organizer designed to help you get the most usage of space.

Units also contain a “Multi-flex” shelving system. This allows for different arrangements and maximum use of space including tactical setups. Every Black Hawk Gun Safe comes with 4 bolt down holes and hardware. Each safe also comes with a lifetime warranty, should it become damaged or something goes wrong.


The Hollon Black Hawk line of gun safes is an excellent offering for those in the market. You receive more value and security features than most competing brands in this price range. Like the added solid steel in the door and thicker locking bolts. 

The electronic keypad offered is a high-quality unit, including even military-grade EMP protections. And the internal features such as the LED lighting and UL listed electrical sockets are usually only available as an additional option in most other manufacturers.

The Black Hawk models have the Guardian Safe & Lock seal of approval and are definitely a product we’d recommend to anyone looking to buy the highest quality safe without paying the highest quality price.

The Best Gun Safe for your Money

As you can see, Hollon has really outdone themselves with their offerings from the Black Hawk series line of safes. The unit fully protects from both fire and burglary as well as having a lifetime warranty. As your local Houston-area Hollon Safe dealer, consider picking up this high-quality safe from us at Guardian Safe & Lock. 

We can sell or order you your dream Gun Safe, and even help to deliver and bolt it down for you in your home or business. Guardian Safe & Lock is the premier dealer of Houston Gun Safes, Stop by our showroom to have a look at the Black Hawk series. Or, give us a call at 832-534-8687!

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