Review: Hollon Crescent Shield Safes

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A Step Up From Basic Gun Safes

Crescent Shield 12E

Today we’ll be discussing the third part of our series covering Hollon Safes’ gun safe products; The Crescent Shield series. As the Houston locksmith and safe technicians of choice, we wanted to discuss some of our most

popular products. Hollon is known world-wide for producing some of the best safes at the best value. The Crescent Shield features a mid-point between the Hunter series and the Black Hawk series, both of which we’ve already written about on this blog.

The Crescent Shield safe series has several additional features over the Hunter

series and nearly approaches the Black Hawk series without pushing the price-point quite to its level. We’ll be discussing everything the Crescent Shield series safes can offer.

The History Of Hollon Safes

Hollon Safes is a family-owned business owned and founded by former locksmith Zack Gilmore in 2007. Drawn to the idea of creating a mid-range safe that falls somewhere between the price point of the useless thin steel boxes of the low-end of the market, and the price point of the more secure units of the higher end of the market. He decided to create the Hollon Safe company in Corpus Christi, Texas to bring value and security to the safe manufacturing industry.

Hollon gun safes have since then quickly become some of the best selling units in the industry, proving Hollon Safes quality and value. We here at Guardian Safe & Lock appreciate this philosophy. We have sold, delivered, and bolted down Hollon safes for many satisfied customers. That’s why we’re going over the Hollon gun safes Crescent Shield series, to help you save money while gaining the value of your potential gun safe.

The Crescent Shield: A Shield For Your Property

The Hollon Crescent Shield Series of gun safes is made of solid 12-gauge steel and equipped with high-security 1.5-inch chrome steel bolts that are 25% thicker than the industry standard. These active moving bolts are located on the outer side of the door and the top and bottom of the door. This ensures that it is nearly impossible to pry the safe open. 

Non-moving inactive bolts on the inner side of the door ensure that even if the hinges are removed that the door does not fall off of the safe. The Crescent Shield safes also come standard with protected “vault-style” hinges that are much thicker than box-store units and highly resistant to cutting. One of the most common methods a criminal uses to attempt to break into safes is cutting off the hinges. This will only work on safes that don’t have bolts on all sides of the safe door. 

We have been called out to numerous job sites after criminals have attempted to break in and cut off the hinges to one of our gun safes, only to find out that they either gave up or left after wasting hours cutting hinges off. This is somewhat rewarding, and reassuring that the product we sell is a quality product. These hinges also prevent sagging and allow the safe door to be opened to a full 180-degree point.

The interior lock pack is also protected by an additional drill and ballistic resistant hard plate, meaning that potential thieves would both have to know how to and possess industry tools to cut into the safe’s lock pack.

Even then, the Crescent Shield series possesses a spring-loaded re-locker that triggers when the lock is damaged and can function even if the lock is entirely removed. The spring-loaded re-locker is mounted to a plate on the back of the lock pack, and when it is hit or knocked off it will release the spring-loaded re-locker pin and it will fall into the railing that allows the bolts to be retracted. This makes the safe locked down to where a professional will have to be called out to gain entry into your safe and repair it.

Hollon Crescent Shield 24The Crescent Shield Series: A Fireproof Gun Safe

The Crescent Shield series is designed not only with these physical security protections, but also a notably high fire rating for its price. The Crescent Shield units are fire-rated for 75 minutes and include an intumescent fire seal that is heat activated and expands to seven times its original size. This seal helps to keep out smoke and water in the event of a fire; this is just another way Hollon stands out above the rest.

These ratings make Crescent Shield safes reliable fire safes and burglary safes for documents and photographs as well as ammunition to safely be stored in. The ratings for fire protection and theft aren’t assigned by Hollon, but by the Underwriters’ Laboratories.

This lab has been the standard in the United States for over 100 years in certifying the levels of protection safes and security containers provide from fire and theft. The intumescent seal is also something often overlooked by bulk competitors, allowing the safe to fully protect from not only fire, but steam, smoke, and other moisture as well.

Each safe also comes with a lifetime warranty against fire or theft, should it become damaged or something goes wrong. This warranty includes shipping too, ensuring replacement is easy and painless financially should the near-impossible happen.

Hollon Crescent Shield Series Added Features

While the Crescent Series is robust, it doesn’t skimp on luxury features included as standard. Hollon has lined each unit with a plush, durable “Pillow Trim”  interior wrapped on all sides. This design eliminates possible scratching of your guns or other property. Crescent Shield series safes also include as standard multiple pistol pockets on the inside of the door, allowing convenient storage of handguns and ammo or other property in each holster or zipper bag. These pockets and extra storage slots on the inside of the safe door are made of a heavy-duty durable canvas-like material. 

In addition to that, all shelving and racks are modular and removable, a system they call the “Multi-flex” shelving system. This means that no matter the size or type of firearm collection you own, you’re usually able to make room for it by adjusting the placement of shelving.

Size options include the CS-12E, which is rated for twelve guns; the CS-24E rated for twenty-four guns, and the CS-36E which is rated for 36 firearms. Each model also comes with a chrome 3-spoke handle and a UL Listed, Type 1 Rated S&G Electronic Lock. This type of lock can be replaced with a mechanical dial by a safe locksmith quite easily for those that prefer a mechanical dial.

SynopsisHollon C-36

The Hollon Crescent Shield line of gun safes is a strong contender for those wanting a larger sized safe than the Hunter series, but not delve into more expensive options like the Black Hawk and the Republic series. Like most other Hollon Safes, the Crescent Shield also comes with 4 holes and the hardware necessary to bolt-down the safe to prevent accidental tipping or creative thieves from moving the heavy units to steal them.

It also features all of the best parts of the Hunter series and adds on to them, from the 3-spoke chrome handle on all models, to the increased footprint and enhanced hinges, to the higher fire rating and the crucial intumescent seal.

The Crescent Shield Series is definitely a little more than a beginner gun safe but adds value and security you wouldn’t get on other safes for the very affordable price. Like other Hollon safes we’ve covered; the Crescent Shield is definitely worth its price and has the Guardian Safe & Lock seal of approval.

The Best Gun Safe For Your Money

There are many options on the market, and as Houston’s premier provider of locksmithing services, Houston Access Control Installation, and the Houston security camera installer of choice, we hope that our opinion of these units is strong enough to help convince you that they are absolutely worth purchasing.

The Crescent Shield series is a very good unit for what its price tag reads, giving you many layers of protection more than your standard big-box store options. We stock them regularly at Guardian Safe & Lock and are ready and able to show them to you in person. If you decide to purchase a unit, we can usually have them installed and bolted-down on the same day!

Don’t waste time with a metal box or gun storage container. Buy a safe from Guardian Safe & Lock to ensure the security of your guns and other priceless property. Come visit our showroom to tour the Crescent Shield and many other available units.

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