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by | Apr 23, 2020 | Security Safes, Product Review

Reviewing Hollon’s Entry Line Of Gun Safes

Today, Guardian Safe & Lock continues our featured product reviews of one of our suppliers’ entry-level Houston gun safes, the Hollon Hunter series. It may be their entry-level gun safe but by no means is it entry-level quality. Featuring a reasonable price point and modern design features, the Hunter series gun safes have proven to be a reliable option for gun owners seeking both value and protection.

Hollon Safes have designed the perfect unit for homeowners seeking to protect their guns and other property from nearly every circumstance. From burglary to fire and water, this safe is proven reliable in the face of nearly any attack or accident.

The History Of Hollon SafesHollon Hunter Gun Safe

Hollon Safes is a family-owned business owned and founded by former locksmith Zack Gilmore in 2007. Drawn to the idea of creating a mid-range safe that falls somewhere between the price point of the useless thin steel boxes of the low-end of the market, and the price point of the more secure units of the higher end of the market. He decided to create the Hollon Safe company in Corpus Christi, Texas to bring value and security to the safe manufacturing industry.

Hollon gun safes have since then quickly become some of the best selling units in the industry, proving Hollon Safes quality and value. We here at Guardian Safe & Lock appreciate this philosophy. We have sold, delivered, and bolted down Hollon safes for many satisfied customers. That’s why we’re going over the Hollon gun safes Hunter series, to help you save money while gaining the value of your potential gun safe.

An Entry Level Gun Safe With Professional Level Protection

All Hunter series gun safes designed and built by Hollon are manufactured with solid 12-gauge steel in both the walls of the unit and the main door, allowing for extreme protection from cutting attacks at any angle. This means that the steel protecting your guns and other property in Hollon’s “entry-level” safe is thicker than most units offered at big-box retail stores. 

Hollon’s Hunter Series of gun safes contains two models, the HGS-11E and the HGS-16E. Each Hunter Series gun safe also includes up to twelve 1.25 inch high-security bolts on all sides to protect against pry attacks. With the HGS-11E having eight security bolts and the HGS-16E providing twelve security bolts. This makes your safe secure on all four sides, even if the criminal attempts to cut off the hinges.

The lock body is also protected by a drill and ballistic resistant hard plate. If somehow the lock body was compromised and disengaged from the safe, the re-locker plate would fall allowing the spring-loaded steel re-locker rod to block the rail system from opening and retracting the bolts. Thus stopping the criminal from gaining entry into your safe and taking your belongings.

Hollon Gun Safe HoustonThe Hunter Series: A Fireproof Gun Safe

The Hunter Gun Safe Series has a 45-minute fire rating at 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. This outclasses the average house fire; which burns at about 700 degrees for 20 minutes. It uses multiple layers of fireboard with each layer sealed, caulked, and filled with fire-resistant caulking. 

These ratings make hunter series safes reliable burglary safes and fire safes for documents and photographs as well as ammunition to safely be stored in. The ratings for fire protection and theft aren’t assigned by Hollon, but by the Underwriters’ Laboratories. This lab has been the standard in the United States for over 100 years in certifying the levels of protection safes and security containers provide from fire and theft.

The Hunter series of gun safes have two different size models for beginners with different sized firearm collections. The smaller Hunter series safe is the HGS-11E. This particular model has a capacity for 11 guns to fit comfortably and has a footprint that makes it easy to place virtually anywhere in your home and office. The larger unit is the HGS-16E, which can hold 16 guns, but of course, it also takes up slightly more floor space.

Top Rated Gun Safes: Hunter Series Features

Luxury features of the Hunter series include a plush, durable “Pillow Trim”  interior wrapped on all sides. This design eliminates possible scratching of your guns or other property. Hunter series safes also include standard multiple pistol pockets on the inside of the door, allowing convenient storage of handguns and ammo or other property in each holster or zipper bag.

The HGS-16E includes a 3-spoke chrome handle while the HGS-11E has a single chrome lever which you’d use to retract the active bolts. In addition, both units have options for either a choice of S&G spy proof mechanical dial or UL listed, Group 1 S&G military-grade electronic EMP resistant lock. Units also contain a “Multi-flex” shelving system. This allows for different arrangements and maximum use of space including tactical setups. Every Hunter gun safe comes with 4 bolt down holes and 4 anchors. 

This ensures your units can be safely bolted into your floor, preventing accidental tipping of the unit or thieves carrying the entire safe out. Each safe also comes with a lifetime warranty against fire or theft, should it become damaged beyond repair. This warranty includes shipping as well, ensuring replacement is easy and painless financially should the unfortunate happen.



The Hollon Hunter line of gun safes is an excellent offering for beginners in the market. You receive more value and security features than most competing brands or box-store safes in this price range. Like the added solid steel in the door and thicker locking bolts. 

Hunter series gun safes are thicker than many competitors and offer many optional extras that bulk units skip out on. For instance, the option between mechanical or EMP resistant electronic lock, the plush interior, drill resistant hard plate, added bolts, and spring-loaded relocker.

The Hunter models have the Guardian Safe & Lock seal of approval and are definitely a product we’d recommend to anyone new to firearm collecting looking to buy a safe worth their money while sticking to a modest budget. While there are many notable products out there that can surpass this safe series, the Hunter is still the best contender at its affordable price point.

The Best Gun Safe For Your Money

Houston Gun Safe Hollon

As you can see, Hollon has really outdone themselves with their offerings from the Hunter series line of safes. The unit fully protects from both fire and burglary as well as having a lifetime warranty. As your local Houston area Hollon Safe dealer, consider picking up this high-quality safe from us at Guardian Safe & Lock. 

As Houston’s premier provider of locksmithing services, Houston Access Control Installation, and the Houston security camera installer of choice, we hope that our opinion of these units is strong enough to help convince you that they are absolutely worth purchasing.

We can sell or order you your dream gun safe, and even help to deliver and bolt it down for you in your home or business. Stop by our showroom to have a look at the Hunter series of gun safes and other products by Hollon. Or, give us a call at 832-534-8687!

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