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Hollon C-8

Today we’ll be discussing the newest series of Hollon Safes’ products that are a little different than the other models of gun safes we sell. This specific series of safes includes smaller office safe units as well as larger, full-size gun safes. This series of safes offer a huge range of sizes, all with a unique look and a standard level of theft and fire rating across the board. These are known as the Hollon Continental safe series.

The Continental series by Hollon is produced and sold at a price point that competes with the bargain mass-produced safes that you’ll find at your traditional box stores. The safes you find at your local sports apparel stores, or bulk selling box stores are made to cut all corners to hit a price point.

The Continental series will make you think twice before purchasing a mass-produced, corner-cutting trimmed down version of a safe. This line is here to stay and bring quality to the consumer that can’t afford a more luxurious safe like Hollon’s other safe lines. This safe series still offers the quality and security not associated with safes at the same price point.

As your local Houston locksmith and safe locksmith of choice for the greater Houston area, Guardian Safe & Lock will go over all the ratings, details, and specifications of the Continental series. This will ensure that you have the best product knowledge you can and that you’re certain that when you do buy a safe that you are purchasing the right one at the best price.

The History Of Hollon Safes

Hollon Safes is a family-owned business owned and founded by former locksmith Zack Gilmore in 2007. Drawn to the idea of creating a mid-range safe that falls somewhere between the price point of the useless thin steel boxes of the low-end of the market, and the price point of the more secure units of the higher end of the market. He decided to create the Hollon Safe company in Corpus Christi, Texas to bring value and security to the safe manufacturing industry.

Hollon gun safes have since then quickly become some of the best-selling units in the industry, proving Hollon Safes’ quality and value. We here at Guardian Safe & Lock appreciate this philosophy. We have sold, delivered, and bolted down Hollon safes for many satisfied customers. That’s why we’re going over the Hollon gun safes Hunter series, to help you save money while gaining the value of your potential gun safe.

Hollon C-24Safes That Don’t Sacrifice Style for Security

The Continental series by Hollon is the most diverse collection of safes offered under a single line. They range in size from the smaller C-6 at an exterior dimension of 22 3/4″ high by 17 3/4″ wide by 14 7/8″ deep at a weight of 132 pounds, all the way to the massive C-42 at a whopping size of 72″ high by 40 1/8″ wide by 24″ deep at 800 pounds! As you can see, models from this line of safes are for nearly everyone.

In addition to the varied sizing options, they come in a smooth matte black finish with exterior beveled edged and chrome trim. The safe is very art deco in appearance and stands out visually from any other unit we offer in style. But; don’t let the sleek appearance fool you, this safe is still a Hollon safe.

The Continental series of safes boast a few more security features than other safes in its price range. To start, it features a solid-steel continuous welded body. It also features at least 8 high-security 1.25-inch chrome steel bolts that are 25% thicker than the industry standard. 

Every model of safe in the series, including the smaller office safe models as well as the gun safes, includes a full wrap of these bolts around the door. This ensures you’re fully protected from prying attempts to open the safe from any angle. This also protects you from the uneducated criminal that will spend hours cutting off the door hinges just to find out that he’s wasted his time.

In addition, the interior lock pack is protected by a drill and ballistic-resistant hard plate. This protects you from the criminal that thinks he can attack your lock body with a drill and or gun. These hardened steel plates are a nightmare for criminals and even the professionals that try to gain access for customers who have lost their combinations.

The Hollon Continental: A Fire Rated Safe

So we’ve established that the Continental does a great job at keeping thieves and burglars out, but what about flames? Even fire stands no chance against the Continental series of safes. Every safe in the series, (yes, including the smaller C-6 and C-8), has been rated by the Underwriters’ Laboratories as a fire safe capable of protecting your belongings in temperatures of up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit for a whole hour. These UL ratings again are not from Hollon, but from the company that has been the standard in the United States for Theft and Fire protection rating for over 100 years.

The Continental series also includes as standard an intumescent seal lining the inner door. This seal is designed to expand up to 8 times its size in the event of extreme heat or fire, sealing the safe closed. This means that steam, smoke, and water are all kept out of your safe; keeping documents, firearms, and photographs as well as all other types of property free from secondary damage.

Additional Features Of The Hollon Continental Series

The Continental series includes several more features, including luxury options that come as standard that would usually cost much more from other manufacturers. To start with, all Continental series safes come with a deluxe interior liner in a deep charcoal grey color. This liner cradles your guns and other belongings stored inside, protecting them from metal-on-metal scratching.

For the Continental gun safes, they also include a pocket door organizer made of heavy canvas shaped to multiple pistol holsters and storage bags. This ensures you always have quick access to your handguns in the event of an emergency.

The Continental series as a whole also comes with 4 bolt-down holes in each gun safe and 2 bolt-down holes in the two smaller units. They also come with anchors to help you secure your safe to the foundation, reducing the chance of a heavier Continental safe tipping over or thieves being able to carry out the smaller units. The internal shelving is also adjustable and removable, allowing you to maximize interior space allowance.

Also, like every Hollon safe, every unit comes with a lifetime fire and theft warranty that includes free shipping. Every safe comes with either your choice of Sargent & Greenleaf Type 1 electronic lock or Group II combination dial lock; meaning you can decide between a traditional mechanical lock or the convenience of a modern electronic locking system.

SynopsisHollon C-6

The Hollon Continental series of safes may be Hollon’s most flexible line of products to date. Whether you need a Houston gun safe, an office safe, or even a home safe; these units stand strong against fire and theft and look good doing it. And at the price point asked, it’s hard to find a reason to say no to a Continental.

The Continental series of safes and gun safes also receives the Guardian Safe & Lock seal of approval. These fine units may not be rated the same as a jewelry store or bank’s vault, but they are a much stronger unit than many people have in their homes and businesses currently. 

A Houston Safe Locksmith You Can Trust

Guardian Safe & Lock has been in the locksmith industry for over 10 years. While we’ve discussed safes by Hollon today, (And we hope that our blog has helped you be more informed), we also offer many other services. These include things like traditional locksmith services, auto locksmith services, Houston security camera installation, and access control systems installations.

When you have a security need, don’t waste your time and money with an amateur. Call on the best locksmith company in Houston to ensure the total security of your home, vehicle, office, and other property. Call on us at Guardian Safe & Lock at 832-534-8687 today!

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