Houston COVID-19 Cases: An Update

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As the novel coronavirus response loosens, it’s important to remember the virus lingers.locksmith in Houston


As our state and city continue to allow more businesses to reopen the following months of Coronavirus stay-at-home orders, we wanted to inform you of the current state of affairs as your locksmith in Houston, Texas, and security experts dealing with the Houston COVID-19 pandemic. Guardian Safe & Lock has maintained diligent coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic through a series of articles. This has been from the first official appearances of the virus on U.S. soil to our last update on the loosening of Harris County’s “Stay Home, Work Safe.” order that had been with us through March and April.

Now, most types of nonessential businesses have reopened under safety guidelines. For the moment, things seem to be getting back to normal. But there are still guidelines to be aware of, Houston COVID-19 cases have not stopped growing, and until there is a definitive vaccine for the novel coronavirus infection is still a risk. 

Services & Activities Open For Phase 2

As of Tuesday, May 26th, there are several more services and activities that are planned for reopening under Phase 2 of Texas’ reopening plan. Water parks, sports programs for adults, driver’s ed classes, and food courts inside of shopping malls can begin operating again with limited occupancy and/or other regulations.

Water parks are opening this Friday, the 29th, in time for late spring and early summer. However, they must limit their occupancy to 25%. Any water park that has an arcade is still unable to open that part of their business.  As of Sunday the 31st, adult recreational sports programs may resume operation, but any games and competitions won’t be allowed to continue until June 15th.

houston locksmithFood courts and dining areas inside of shopping malls already have opened as of Governor Abbott’s proclamation on the 26th. However, these malls are encouraged by the state to designate at least one employee to be responsible for ensuring compliance with health and safety policies. These policies include limiting tables to 6 or fewer people; maintaining standard 6-foot social distancing between tables; cleaning and disinfecting surfaces between uses; and making sure that no condiments or other items are left on tables after customers depart.

The Takeaway from COVID-19

As you can see, it seems plans to reopen Texas are going according to plan so far. However; now is not the time to get lax. Social distancing, proper handwashing, and yes; even wearing a face mask are what has driven us to this decline in Houston COVID-19 cases. Right now in Houston, people are testing between 4% and 6% positive for the coronavirus locally. This is a lower rate than the near 15% positive results at our peak.

It is important to remember that we’ve not “won” against this virus yet. These numbers aren’t at 0 yet. While our days look more and more like before the infection started to take root in our city, diligence and caution are still important. There still is no vaccine or cure for the coronavirus; only treatment of symptoms. Also, let’s not forget that there are many people who are infected and don’t show a single symptom at all.

As your security experts for everything from safes Houston can trust, to Houston security cameras, to emergency locksmith service; we advise caution and common sense. Follow health and safety guidelines from the State of Texas, the CDC, and the World Health Organization when possible. Even if you do not feel sick; you may be a carrier for the virus and infecting those it may harm.

Houston COVID-19 In Conclusion: Stay Clean, And Stay Safeaccess control system houston

Guardian Safe & Lock has been lucky as a locksmith in Houston that has not had to close our doors or lay people off in order to survive the novel coronavirus. This is thanks to our wonderful customers and friends of our business who were able to provide us with enough work around the city to keep the lights on.

With the same trust that you all have given us with your buildings’ security; we hope you’re listening now. Handwashing is important. Wearing a mask around those who have a weakened immune system or who are prone to disease is important. Maintaining distance, even from those who appear to be perfectly healthy is still important.

If we all continue to do our part with these small changes, we can halt the Houston COVID-19 epidemic. The last thing anyone wants is to go through another wave and make the sacrifices made by both those in financial hardship and our frontline workers useless. 

If more COVID-19 news breaks, Guardian Safe & Lock will be here to keep you as updated and informed as is possible. We’re also ready to service your security hardware or install new hardware if you need it. If you need a Houston auto locksmith or provider of access control Houston can trust, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 832-534-8687.

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