How Much to Install a Security Camera?

by | Jul 2, 2019 | Surveillance Cameras

How much does it cost to install a security camera a video surveillance system in general? What do locksmiths or security companies charge to install surveillance cameras? Pricing will vary depending on who you hire, where you’re located, the type of surveillance cameras, the number of cameras you need, type of system and a few other variables. Some systems are monitored systems, some keep video recordings stored on a DVR or NVR, and some systems are cloud-based.   houston security cameras

At Guardian Safe & Lock we try to be upfront with our pricing and leave no surprises. But, sometimes we discover additional obstacles along the way that can increase the price. In this blog, we will discuss these questions and variables that may increase or decrease the expense of the installation process.

Types of Security Camera Systems

Before we get into the cost of a security camera installation in Houston, we have to look at the different types of systems. What types of security cameras are there? What is the price difference between each type of video surveillance system? How does the method of storing your recordings and accessing your data affect your installation cost?

There are many different types of video surveillance systems and types of surveillance cameras out there. The type of system you install has an effect on what type of cameras you use. When writing this blog I had to make sure that I separated the two.

In this blog, we will discuss how much it cost to install each type of surveillance system. Then, later I’ll write another blog describing the different CCTV camera types, functions, features, and applications.

You can generally break down the different types of security camera systems into two categories Digital and Analog camera systems. Let’s discuss the difference between the two and determine the average cost to install cameras at your home or business.

Analog Camera Systems

Analog camera systems are older technology compared to Digital camera systems. Analog camera systems record images and send the images over coaxial cable (RG59) to a DVR (digital video recorder). The recordings are stored on a hard drive inside the DVR.

security cameras in houstonTo access the recordings you will have to watch them via a monitor. Or, you can access the device remotely over a network. Retrieving your video is also a slower process because you’re having to go directly to the hard drive in the DVR. The video quality of Analog cameras is also generally lower than Digital surveillance cameras. Analog camera video quality is usually either somewhere between 600-800TVL or get as high as 1080P.

The Analog camera systems that record at 1080P (HD/2.1MP) are referred to HD over Coax systems. These are camera systems that can get HD video recordings from Analog RG59 wire. They are most commonly used when either the building is pre-wired with RG59 or if you’re looking for a more cost-effective solution. Analog Camera Systems are usually more affordable than a Digital camera system.

Digital Camera Systems

Digital camera systems allow you to record higher video quality than Analog camera systems. They can record quality videos ranging from 2.1MP to 4K (9MP). Some of the newest digital cameras record as high as 6K video, that’s nearly 19MP. Digital camera systems are commonly referred to as IP Camera systems.

These cameras record images digitally and transfer the data over either Cat5 or Cat6 cable. The images are either sent to an NVR (network video recorder) and stored on a hard drive, or they are stored on a network. The newest Digital camera systems store video on a cloud through a service provider such as Brivo.

If you are storing your video on a cloud, you’re going to pay a monthly fee to store your data. If you’re using some sort of monitored security, expect even more monthly fees. Some systems are even tied into alarm systems or use battery-powered wireless security cameras. I personally do not like wireless security camera systems and I prefer the traditional wired systems. The wired camera systems are generally more reliable especially when installed by professional camera installer houston

Security Camera Installation Companies… What do they Charge?

As you can tell there are too many different variables and types of security cameras to just give a straight answer. The price of installing an analog system is generally a little cheaper than installing a digital camera system. This is due to the fact that the cameras that record at less quality cost less. The more functions and features the camera has such as zoom, night vision, and field of view, the more expensive.

What do companies charge to install security cameras?

Analog Camera System Installation

  • For a 4 camera CCTV installation on a home or business, you can generally expect to pay somewhere between $1250 – $2400.
  • If you were to install a surveillance camera system with 6 cameras on you would probably pay somewhere around $1500 – $3000.
  • A larger analog camera system with 12 cameras would run you around $3000 – $5250.

If your home is two stories or has a hard to access the attic, you can expect to pay extra. Also, the more cameras you install the more channels and hard drive space you will need on your DVR. Don’t forget you pay for what you get, and I’m not talking about buying your own DIY kit at Costco. These prices are what you can expect to pay for professional installation, not buying a kit and having your neighbor’s friend do it.

Digital Camera System Installation

  • If you were looking to install a 4 camera digital CCTV system with IP cameras and an NVR. You should expect to pay in the area of $1500 – $2750, depending on the quality and features of the cameras selected.
  • A 6 camera digital surveillance system with install would probably cost you between $1800 – $3400.
  • A bigger system with about 12 digital cameras would cost you around $3750 – $6000.

These are all very general prices and they can vary greatly depending on multiple different variables. If you have a commercial property that has drop ceilings, you will pay less. If you need home camera installation service provided, and/or hard to get to areas, expect to pay a little more. The same goes for the cameras itself, the better the quality, the more functions and features, the more they will cost.

If you are interested in a CCTV camera installation and want to get an accurate quote, give us a call. We offer free quotes on security camera installations, and most of the time can get you a quote in under 2 days. Hopefully, this blog can help you understand a little bit more about what is involved when installing security cameras. At Guardian Safe & Lock we push ourselves to be the best at what we do and try to set a standard that others can emulate.

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