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Humble, Texas has for a majority of its’ existence been tied to petroleum, gasoline, and oil-based products.

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The city isn’t the only part of the Houston area’s designation as the ‘energy capital of the United States, but it definitely holds the largest percentage of responsibility for the nickname. As both the local Humble Locksmith and Houston Locksmith the area trusts, we wanted briefly to look back on Humble’s oil-based history.

The Texas Oil Boom and How Humble Helped Spark It

The Spindletop site in Beaumont starting in 1901 was the fastest producing oil site in the world, but Humble’s oil fields have produced for decades after Spindletop ran dry. They have been producing oil from 1905 through today. The majority of Humble residents eventually returned to rural jobs as production slowed from the initial oil boom until the opening of Hobby airport when the area exploded in population again and grew to its current size and commercial scope.

Humble has been one of, if not the, most important oil sites in the greater Houston area. It was once home to an oil company named “Humble Oil and Refining Co.”. Humble Oil did business nationally and had gas stations and stores all over the country. It did business under this 

Humble security camera installationname from 1911 until 1959 when it was absorbed into its parent company “Standard Oil of New Jersey”. This newer company was later renamed Exxon in 1973. Since 1998, Exxon has been merged with Mobil and the company has done business under its current name of ExxonMobil.

Humble, Texas Today

While ExxonMobil’s corporate headquarters are located in Irving, Texas and Dallas County, their major operations (Upstream, Downstream, and Chemical Divisions) are all still based in Houston. To this day it shows how important the Texas Oil boom was, and how it transformed not just our city but the entire state of Texas.

As you can see, this makes Humble, Texas a critical part of both Houston’s history and modern-day development and identity. At Guardian Safe & Lock, we’re proud to contribute to a community that stands as a pillar of the development of our town.

Your Local Humble Tx Locksmithlocksmith in humble texas

We serve as both a residential locksmith and commercial locksmith Houston and Humble can call on when they need everything from minor troubleshooting to full replacement of all hardware on their buildings. We also act as an Auto locksmith for the Greater Houston Area, as well as providing access control installation for systems like Brivo. Our techs are even trained to perform work as security camera installers, both traditional CCTV setups and Cloud-Based security cameras like those provided by Eagle Eye Networks.

When you need a locksmith in Humble Tx, call on Guardian Safe & Lock. The entire city of Houston regularly comes to us when they need security and locksmith work done, make the choice they and Humble do, and call us today.

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