Coronavirus In Texas: Security Update

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Coronavirus In Texas: Security Update


For the past few months, your Houston Locksmith Guardian Safe & Lock has been covering the spread and reactions to COVID-19, the novel coronavirus in Texas. We’ve tried to help increase the security of your family by not only informing you of our response as a company to the epidemic but also how our country, state, and city have been affected and fought as well.

We try to be more than just your access control installer, your Houston security camera installers, or the people you go to in order to buy the best home security safes in Houston. While we do all of these things and more, peace of mind is what we intend to provide for this city. So, we intend to continue providing you the information you need to fight this virus the same way our products fight thieves and burglars.

The Latest COVID-19 Numbers, Laid Bare

At the time of writing, there are now almost 168,062 people who have tested positive for the novel Coronavirus in Texas. This is after a one-day jump of over 8,000 new, confirmed positive results and an estimated 42,141 more than 1 week ago. 2,481 have died from the disease after 57 deaths in the same one-day period. Clearly, and despite everyone wanting to move on from it, this virus isn’t over yet.

Access Control HoustonGovernor Abbott, who was one of the first state governors to begin reopening procedures in our state, also has now rolled back on reopening Texas by closing bars and reduced restaurant capacity to 50%, down from 75%. A mandatory public mask order also has been issued for all of Texas by the Governor, with relatively few exceptions.  Galveston also closed their beaches throughout the weekend of July the 4th in order to attempt to gain control over the spread.

This is after the number of patients hospitalized with the novel coronavirus tripled in June compared to rates on May 31st, 2020.

Texas’ Path Forward

Things aren’t doing too great for our state. We’ve gone from outside the top 10 infected states in March #4 at the end of June. Testing may account for these numbers increasing, but more people are requiring hospitalization too, hinting that the situation may be even worse than we’re being led to believe. 

What everyone needs to do is what we’ve been warned of all along. For ourselves and our fellow Texans, we need to continue washing our hands and social distancing. 

We need to wear some kind of facial covering when in public and try to avoid going out as much as possible. It is tiring and frustrating on every level to have to deal with ongoing restrictions, but without everyone following them the virus won’t fade and we’ll be stuck living the last few months for far longer.

Coronavirus In Texas: In Conclusion

As the possibility of increased infection and the second wave of coronavirus continues to plague Houston, Guardian Safe & Lock will continue to do our part to secure our local area. Whether you need a locksmith in The Woodlands or a Cypress locksmith, our doors are still open and we are doing everything we can to maintain the health of our customers and employees.

Guardian Safe & lock will continue to detail current trends, specifically for Houston and Harris County, in a continuation of this blog. Just as we do our best to give our customers peace of mind with security hardware as the Locksmith Houston relies on, we want people to feel informed to make safe decisions throughout this pandemic.

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