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Legal Defense For Self Defense


Say the unthinkable happens. Say that you find cause to draw or discharge your firearm in self-defense. There’s always going to be an investigation, whether you fire your weapon or not. At Guardian Safe & Lock, we sell gun safes Houston area residents love to protect their firearms, but what’s there to protect you when you need to use them?

Texas LawShield

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Enter U.S. and Texas LawShield. Founded in 2009 when a group of pioneering lawyers became fed up with the hostility and abuse in the legal system directed towards responsible gun owners, U.S. and Texas LawShield provides legal protections for lawful gun owners possessing and using their firearms in legal self-defense while also providing information and education on gun laws in various states.

Texas LawShield, in particular, will be our focus today. This is because Guardian Safe & Lock is a Houston locksmith located in Tomball, Texas. The service provides not only legal defense but a 24/7 emergency hotline to a licensed attorney too. They also regularly have seminars with legal and firearm experts. These seminars include lessons from professionals, including law enforcement officers, on everything from gun laws in Texas to how to treat a gunshot wound.

Education And More With Texas LawShield

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As a company, Texas LawShield is very dedicated to informing people on their rights under modern gun law. They both publish books dedicated to gun laws in each state and even provide a newsletter to alert you to changes in the law on a more regular basis. They even have a video library of hundreds of videos on their YouTube channel discussing different gun and legal topics, all for free.
As a proud partner of Texas LawShield, Guardian Safe & Lock provides the benefit of a Platinum Plus membership, which guarantees that your rate never increases for the life of active membership in the program, as well as 2 additional free months membership. Stop by our location in Tomball to learn how to get this perk for free, or if you’re interested in preventative ways to protect yourself and property.

Security And Self-Defense; Cornerstones of Safety

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Guardian Safe & Lock doesn’t just provide security safes of various sizes and ratings for both fire and theft. We also regularly help to improve the security of local homes and businesses by installing and repairing lock hardware, setting up your Houston security camera installation, and building access control systems installations.

We’re the greater Houston area’s preferred locksmith and security company. Whether you need a Spring Tx locksmith, a Conroe locksmith, or a locksmith in Humble Tx, we have all of your security bases covered. Be sure to check out the free resources or even membership with Texas LawShield for legal defense in the case of self-defense too!

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