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Magnolia, Texas Has Been One Of The Most Rapidly Expanding Communities In The Greater Houston Area 


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In less than half a century the area has gone from undeveloped farmland and ranches to a growing exurb. But, Magnolia has plans to become more than that. Recently in April of 2013, the city council passed a proposal known as Magnolia On The Move, a 20-year plan for increased development of the Magnolia area.

Guardian Safe & Lock is the most trusted Magnolia locksmith and Houston locksmith. We’ve spent many years performing access control installation, selling safes in Houston, servicing Houston security cameras, and working as a commercial and residential locksmith in Magnolia. As the area has grown, so has our business. But the scope of Magnolia’s expansion is changing, so we’re here to discuss it today.

The Magnolia Locksmith Discusses The City’s Plan

Everyone in the North Houston area is aware of the S.H. 249 “Aggie Expressway” expansion lengthening 249 to College Station, but Magnolia is extraordinarily prepared for their first major corridor construction. Historically, the Magnolia area has been the major intersection of F.M. 1488 and F.M. 1774. With 249 expanding North, the natural flow of traffic can possibly be pulled east, near the future intersection at F.M. 1488 and S.H. 249.

Magnolia, TX is preparing ahead of time by increasing construction near and around their existing town center. While a goal of the Magnolia On The Move plan is to protect their neighborhoods and local culture, the plan is expansive and aims to make a few major improvements to the area. 

commercial locksmith magnoliaPrevious And Other Forms Of Growth In Magnolia

Since the last comprehensive plan for Magnolia was published in 1999, the city has expanded it’s City Limits and extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ), to encompass

an area that is 65.1 percent undeveloped. The city sees the commercial growth of Tomball, but the population wants to stick to more “Rural Residential” roots than the massive suburban expansion the Tomball area has received over the past 20 years.

Besides major road expansions (The area of 149 and the 149 Spur is mentioned several times in the plan), Magnolia On The Move also paints other targets for renovation. Things such as increased landscaping in parking lots, reducing the size of signs for businesses, and better hiding from street view outdoor sales items and storage lots.

A More Controlled Growthcar locksmith magnolia

While the entire city of Houston is growing, Magnolia stands poised for another massive population and business surge. The city wishes to hold on to their rural roots and bedroom-town impression in the face of these quickly growing numbers. The local population has been informed by the publishing of this document and allowed to interact with the process by attending multiple town meetings, held on the second Tuesday of every month.

As a business that heavily interacts with the construction industry, Guardian Safe & Lock is both proud and excited to be apart of this change for Magnolia. We’ve served the area as a Magnolia Locksmith people can count on for nearly 10 years and will continue to no matter what it looks like in the future.

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