Where To Find Security Camera Installers

by | Aug 24, 2021 | Surveillance Cameras

Where To Find Security Camera Installers


One of the most common ways to secure property across the globe is having CCTV installed by security camera installers. However; finding security camera installers can be difficult for the average consumer if they don’t know what to look for.

We’ve talked before about what is required to install CCTV and how much it is to install security cameras; so today we’ll focus less on the technical knowledge and jargon and more on who you should be looking for and how to find them.

Why You Need A Security Camera Installersecurity camera installer

It’s no secret that you can install cameras on your own, this is true. But, this option does come with heavy limitations. Surveillance camera “kits” usually come with a few cameras of lower build quality, and pre-measured and terminated wiring to install them with.

This option already presents two issues, and we’ve just begun to discuss it! These “cheaper” cameras aren’t built to the same standard as actual, authentic security equipment and can experience loads of issues ranging from your standard electronic and internet glitches to weaker warranties that are studded with exclusions. In addition; it’s common for technical support with these cameras to be virtually nonexistent. With prepackaged “security camera kits” when you run into an issue, you’re usually on your own.

The next problem with kits is the use of pre-measured and terminated wiring. 60 feet may sound like quite a distance, but when running wire inside of walls, ceilings, and attic spaces you’ll quickly find that in most homes it’s not long enough to reach where you need your cameras to.

This means that the area you’re able to mount cameras and record is very limited compared to a professional installation simply because they need to be wired back to a power source and/or recording device. Some kits allow wi-fi installation but without ideal conditions and internet speed, you may find that the quality of your recordings is greatly diminished. Not to mention these cameras need to be wired back to a power source unless they run on batteries… in which case they need to be easily reached to change the batteries.

A good rule of thumb is that with a surveillance camera system, you get what you pay for. These systems are put in place to be able to monitor or record your property for security reasons and should be robust enough to perform correctly all of the time.

What To Look For In Security Camera Installers

surveillance camera installers

So how do you find reliable security camera installers? The correct answer is by doing your homework on the individual or company you’re hiring. You’ll want to find someone who’s licensed (if required where you live), bonded, and insured. This means that even if the security camera installers make a mistake or damage anything on your property you’ll be covered financially for repair. After you find a few companies meeting these criteria, check out their web presence.

Does the website seem like it has a professional design? Modern camera systems require some IT knowledge, and a hastily designed website could be a sign that a company isn’t very technologically savvy. Also, check out their customer reviews both on their website and on other resources such as Google or Yelp.

Don’t just look at the numbers of “stars” or other “seller rating” summaries, read a page or two of reviews, and see if they sound legitimate. Some companies online will pay for fake, good reviews in order to gain your business. These reviews themselves may make little to no sense in regards to a camera installation company; if it seems off to you it probably is.

Surveillance Camera Systems Not Offered By Professionals

Camera systems offered by professional security camera installers can range in price and features, so let’s start by going over red flags to be aware of:

1. Camera Kits

Any “professional” that arrives with a prepackaged camera kit like the type we discussed earlier is most likely not what they say they are. Camera kits are designed to be an incredibly cheap DIY solution for homeowners that don’t want to spend the money required of a real surveillance system. We’ve already discussed some of the major issues with these kits above.

2. Outdated Analog Technology (Usually)

If your security camera installers mention your system being “analog” or run over “RG59” cable, your system will be reliant on old technology and probably isn’t worth the professional price tag. This isn’t always the case though, as if your building has preexisting RG59 wiring it may be more cost-efficient to utilize it. Although it is older technology, there have been some improvements with HD-over-Coax technology in recent years.

3. Security Cameras that use SD Cards

Home Security Camera Installation Service

Professionally installed camera systems won’t rely on removable media like SD cards or USB flash drives as their primary way to store footage. If the footage you’re recording is a file small enough to be saved to flash memory, it’s indicative of camera quality.

Most professional systems have a dedicated recording device such as a DVR or NVR. Some may even transmit the video data to a cloud-based server for viewing remotely. Any standalone camera that utilizes SD cards as its primary storage method is more than likely to be a DIY solution, and quality is impaired.

4. Cost-Cutting or “Cheap” Options

Cameras made to be as inexpensive as possible are simply more prone to failure by their very nature. How can you tell if your security camera installers are offering these? Check the features and product reviews. If the camera communicates solely over wi-fi, your recordings will degrade in quality as the signal waxes and wanes.

If you’ve ever lost your internet connection, be aware that when this happens these cameras will stop functioning too. Any single interruption will simply result in a recording that either is too poor quality to use or simply no recording at all.

Also; cameras that are battery-powered are only as good as the battery itself. This means when the battery dies that you’ll have to climb up to the camera and manually swap it. If you delay, you’ve lost the ability to use that camera in the meantime. Professional camera systems should fully function passively, not just when you’re aware of them. If your professional security camera installers mention battery-powered cameras, you may want to look somewhere else.

Security Camera Installers – In Conclusion

houston security camerasSo to wrap things up, we’ve gone over a few points. DIY camera systems are usually built to a lower standard than actual surveillance systems and are limited by the pre-cut and terminated wiring.

Real security camera installers will offer more robust systems without wiring distance limitations that are permanently powered, and wired to a dedicated recording device such as a DVR or NVR instead of recording locally on a flash drive or SD Card. The cameras offered by this legitimate technician should be brand-name products with a strong online reputation and positive user reviews both on the professional security camera installers’ site and off.

Your security camera installers should also be licensed (if required), bonded, and insured to protect your property from accidental damage. The technician should also arrive much as we recommend a legitimate locksmith; in a marked service vehicle and in uniform. They also should have invoices that clearly state the company name, logo, phone number, and address. And finally, the company you hire should have a sterling reputation online that you’re able to verify is legitimate.

Your Local Security Camera Installer: Guardian Safe & Lock

Luckily for you, you already have security camera installers that meet all of these criteria: Guardian Safe & Lock! Guardian Safe & Lock installs and services many trusted and popular surveillance cameras, and is sure to have a solution for your installation. We can also install a keyless entry system (also known as Access Control) and provide many other security services for your property.

Whether you need a gun safe, a new deadbolt lock installed and keyed, or need car key replacement; Guardian Safe & Lock is the locksmith Houston trusts most for all their security needs. Whether you need us as the locksmith Katy TX calls for panic bar replacement on a business, or as the locksmith Spring TX relies on for emergency locksmith services, we stand ready to help you. Give us a call at 832-534-8687 and let us know if you need a professional Houston surveillance camera installer or anything else security-related!


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