Simplex Mechanical Lock

by | Jan 13, 2021 | Access Control, Locksmith

In the age of technology, electronic smart locks are becoming more and more popular.


However, there are instances in which non-electric, Simplex mechanical locks are a better fit. Whether it be a setting where electronics could corrode, or if the possibility of a dead battery is unacceptable, there is a mechanical solution that still provides the versatility of an easily changeable pin code. A Simplex mechanical lock is a reliable, easy-to-use system that can be used in a wide variety of settings and applications.

Why Should I Use A Simplex Mechanical Lock?

In the setting of an outdoor lock with a high frequency of use, the rugged weatherproof construction, lack of batteries, and easy-to-use design of a Simplex mechanical lock are the best fit. They come in a range of finishes to match existing hardware and come ready to fit in multiple different types of lock styles. The available styles of Simplex mechanical locks are; full body mortise, standard cylindrical, standalone deadbolts, and standalone latching deadbolts, as well as exit trims that engage with panic bars. They are great solutions for commercial settings, for your home, or apartment complexes’ common areas such as pool gates, dog parks, and gyms.

Simplex Mechanical Lock

Which Simplex Product Is Right For Me?

The simplex 1000 series offers levers and knobs that allow exterior access using a combination while still allowing free egress from the inside, in both cylindrical and mortise locks. The Simplex 1000 series also has a back-to-back lock option that comes with a keypad for both the internal and external sides of the door, usually used on gates or institutions.

A step up from the 1000 series is the Simplex 5000 series, which has ten numeric buttons unlike the five on the 1000 series. The 5000 series comes pre-assembled for left-hand door operations but can easily be re-handed as needed. Simplex also offers a few different latching bolts and deadbolt simplex options like the 7100 series and the Simplex 900 series for alternative purposes.

Finally, Simple also offers the 9600 series cabinet lock to get the benefits of a simplex lock on your cabinet door. These allow you to use a combination lock that has no batteries but can be used to gain access into cabinets. This is a very good more secure alternative to using basic low-security cam locks and can be installed relatively quickly.

There are also a few other different types of simplex locks that are used less commonly but still have the useful battery-free combination ability. Simplex locks have been a staple in the locksmith security industry for as long as I can remember and are still in high demand today. For more information on Kaba Simplex Locks, feel free to visit their website at

Simplex LockThe Simplex Mechanical Lock – In Conclusion

Simplex mechanical locks are useful, and versatile and come in a multitude of styles, finishes, and functions to solve a variety of problems. Are you interested in having a Simplex installed? Search “Locksmith near me” to find a locksmith local to your area who can help you. If you need a locksmith in Houston or a Locksmith in Spring Texas, Guardian Safe And Lock is proud to be one of the most trusted locksmith companies in the Houston area.

Not only does Guardian Safe and Lock provide standard locksmith services, but we also are a security camera system installer, and an access control installer and we sell safes for home and offices. If you’re interested in the services we offer, or if you would like to schedule a free quote, call us at 832-534-8687

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