Texas, Houston, and COVID-19: Part 2

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This is Part 2 of our series of blogs covering the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic. To read the first part covering the State of Texas as a whole, click here.


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Guardian Safe & Lock, as your local Houston Locksmith, has been dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic as the rest of our city, state, country, and the world has; day by day. We’ve previously discussed the novel coronavirus several times over the past few weeks, but today we decided to cover a different aspect of the response to this disease.

Guardian Safe & Lock cares for the communities we serve. We understand it may be difficult to find news for the various local areas and communities that trust us for security. That’s why today we’re bringing the most local news we can find to you.

Part 2 of our Texas, Houston, and COVID-19 blog series will detail below our north and northwest areas of service in Harris County. Part 3, which will be released soon will cover out Montgomery county locations. We hope this information helps to keep you and your family safe and secure.

COVID-19 In Katy, Texas

As the locksmith Katy Tx trusts to keep their homes and businesses safe, we wanted to note that things in Katy have been rougher than most areas of Houston. 3 of the areas with the most confirmed Coronavirus cases are in Katy. The zip codes of 77449 and 77084 both have between 61 and 100 confirmed cases of COVID-19, while the 77493 zip code has between 21 and 40.

With the Houston area making up dozens of zip codes, this is a higher than average percentage by far and people should be aware of the risk of infection living in or working in these areas. These numbers are always prone to change as time progresses and testing ramps up in other areas. Always remember regardless of if you are in Katy or in any other part of town to continue to practice social distancing, hand washing, and wearing a face-covering or mask in public.

Houston safesCoronavirus Scare In Cypress, Texas

While HEB has been doing everything it can for our communities as a local Texan company, there have been confirmed cases among workers in Houston. Cypress particularly had a case confirmed at the HEB off of 290 and Barker Cypress Rd.

Despite this confirmed case, HEB as an essential business has remained open and has implemented many more procedures than most, including processes such as sanitizing carts after each customer uses them and marking 6-foot increments near check out aisles with vinyl or tape markers to ensure customers also are able to correctly follow social distancing procedures.

Some locations have at points limited the total number of customers allowed in their stores at a time and have implemented earlier closing times in order to thoroughly sanitize their stores at night. Plexiglass or plastic shields have also been hung between cashiers and customers in order to further ward off the virus. Always remember to maintain safety and cleanliness wherever you may need to go in public, even if they are places as secure as local HEB stores or your local Cypress Locksmith.

Spring, Texas Stops School Lunches Ahead Of COVID-19

In Spring, there’s been another viral scare. Spring ISD has halted school lunch pickup at an elementary school after a nutrition worker at Anderson Elementary tested positive for COVID-19. The worker had been assisting with meal delivery from April 6th to April 9th and developed symptoms the weekend after.

Spring ISD was notified late Sunday and immediately canceled the meal distribution at Anderson Elementary. They have now closed the school and have begun a thorough cleaning in order to minimize the risk of infections to staff, students, and parents. 

They then notified Harris County Public Health, and all workers at that site have been asked to self-quarantine for a minimum of two weeks. The district runs seven other food sites that are still open on Mondays and Wednesdays and have not received any more reports of Coronavirus infection.

As the locksmith Spring Texas trusts, we’d like to remind everyone that it’s important as always to be aware that even individuals showing no symptoms may be infected and actively if unknowingly spreading the virus, and to take all precautions outside of your home.

Staying Healthy and COVID-19 Free in Tomball, Texas

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Tomball, Texas has been lucky enough to experience 0 deaths from COVID-19 within the city. While this is fantastic news, and there are more testing sites opening up at places like the Lone Star Tomball campus, Tomball was the home of the first person to experience Coronavirus related death in Harris county.

The man lived at the Heights of Tomball, a 131-bed nursing facility located off of Johnson Road, for less than two weeks. He was between 80 and 90 years of age and died in a Harris county hospital.

Officials said it was unknown when or how he contracted the virus. The Heights of Tomball began restricting all nonessential visits to the community on March 13th and has had no more recorded instances of the novel Coronavirus. 

The virus is especially dangerous to those of age 65 or older, and it is important to remember that while stay-home orders may be difficult to swallow for some residents, they keep our older and immunocompromised friends and family members safe from potential infection. 

Your Tomball Locksmith and Access Control company, Guardian Safe & Lock, has been rigidly following these procedures to keep everyone, employee and customer, safe.

Staying Secure In North Houston

Guardian Safe & Lock remains open to the general public, as security and safety are an essential business category. If you need Houston Access Control, Houston Gun Safes, or a Security Camera Installer Houston can trust; look no further. We remain ready, willing, and able to serve you despite the looming threat of COVID-19.

We retain a strict policy of sanitization, glove use, and social distancing. Many of our staff now also wear masks in accordance with CDC guidelines to prevent transmission of the virus.

Keep an eye on our blog for part 3 of our Texas, Houston, and COVID-19 series of blog posts detailing Montgomery county’s response to the Coronavirus and other news that can help keep your family safe.

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