Texas, Houston, and COVID-19: Part 3

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Your COVID-19 Houston Area Update


This is Part 3 of our series of blogs covering the Houston COVID-19 or Coronavirus pandemic. To read the first part covering the State of Texas as a whole: click here. For Part 2 covering north andlocksmith in houston northwest Harris county: click here.

Guardian Safe & Lock, your trusted Houston Locksmiths, come to you again for part 3 of our coverage of the novel Coronavirus epidemic. Today we’ll be continuing to talk about our local service areas, and how COVID-19 has affected them.

Part 3 will specifically cover our Montgomery county service areas. In particular, this means Magnolia, Conroe, and The Woodlands, Texas. While Guardian Safe & Lock prides itself on being the Houston area locksmith of choice, we are based in Tomball, which makes our neighbors to the north a short drive of only a few miles and as pertinent to our coverage as the rest of Houston.

COVID-19 In Magnolia, Texas

Magnolia, Texas has been dealing with the coronavirus as best they can. The smaller sibling of Montgomery County has had a rough time testing for the virus, as Montgomery County Public Health District has had several questions on what to do when people do feel sick.

The district feels for the community, putting out a statement saying that they requested over a thousand COVID-19 test kits from the State of Texas the week of March 8, and only received 6.

They were then told by its original equipment manufacturer that the state would consider sending more test kits in August.

The Texas Department of State Health Services denied ever saying it would take until August, saying that 14 test kits were delivered on March 10, 50 were sent on April 2, and 72 kits will be shipped on April 14. The Montgomery County Public Health District says that it will continue to try to get as many tests as possible to ensure the health and safety of the community.

Magnolia City Council members held their regular meeting via teleconference on April 14 and voted to extend the city’s disaster declaration until the council’s next regular meeting on May 12. This is the second time the declaration has been extended in the wake of COVID-19, following the original declaration on March 19th for a 7 day period.

As the locksmith Magnolia and the surrounding area call on most to secure their homes and businesses, we would like to stress in these unexpected circumstances that everyone unable to get a test, sick or not, social distance and follow CDC guidelines to prevent infection.

Coronavirus In The Woodlands

When people need to secure their homes and businesses, they call Guardian Safe & Lock; a locksmith The Woodlands can rely on. We’re hoping to be worthy of filling this role by helping to secure their family’s safety in a different way. 

houston access control

We’ve written on specific topics covering The Woodlands with the virus previously. They’ve done a fantastic job of containing known cases and gathering medical PPE to help the health service in treating patients.

The Woodlands has also recently increased its preventative measures by closing all local parks to the public and releasing further guidelines for the local population on social distancing. Social distancing is critical to follow in the wake of a virus with such a long incubation period that can result in infectious people that show no symptoms.

Guardian Safe & Lock also follows many of these policies to ensure that our employees and customers remain healthy and free of potential infection, as well as regularly sanitizing our hands, wearing PPE and cleaning all work areas regularly.

Conroe’s Response To COVID-19

Conroe, Texas is in much the same boat as Magnolia, dealing with a shortage of tests in Montgomery county as mentioned earlier in this blog. However, they have issued unique changes and guidelines to residents to help contain the virus. As the locksmith Conroe Texas calls most for their security, we wanted to mention specifics for this town we serve as well.

Since 2015, Conroe has been home to the Conroe Connection Transit program, a series of busses and park-and-ride locations to help move pedestrians to and from the downtown Conroe area. This program has largely been successful, and run entirely by the city.

In the wake of the novel Coronavirus epidemic, the Conroe Connection Transit program has suspended all fares on Fixed Route and ADA Paratransit service in order to more easily allow residents to reach medical facilities and not face further financial pains from our damaged economic situation.

During the COVID-19 emergency Conroe Connection’s staff, operators, supervisors, and cleaners are taking precautions to protect themselves, each other, and their transit riders. These routes will continue to operate Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM and be free until at least May 1st for those needing assistance getting to Hospitals and other medical centers.

Guardian Safe & Lock has and continues to recommend that people avoid public transportation in line with social distancing procedures laid down by the state and federal governments, unless absolutely necessary to seek care.

Continuing To Secure Houston In The Face of The COVID-19 Houston Pandemic

COVID-19 Houston

This wraps up Part 3 of our ongoing series of coverage of the areas we serve in the face of COVID-19. We hope that the information we’ve shared helps to keep your family safe and healthy and that when you need locksmithing, Houston Access Control installation, Houston Gun Safes, or a Security Camera Installer Houston can trust; that you call on us.

We’re in the business of securing your home, property, family, and business. Whether that means informing you of what’s happening in your community or making sure your locks function properly; Guardian Safe & Lock is the locksmith you can trust. We’ll continue posting blogs on information that we deem relevant and essential to the security of Houston and the greater Houston area as a whole while serving it with physical security as well.

Thank you for sticking with us through these rough times, and we look forward to resuming our normal rate of business with all of you once we’ve moved through this COVID-19 Houston pandemic.

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