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Having a gun safe to secure your firearms is a must for any responsible gun owner, and keeping your guns and valuables safe from theft is obviously the main purpose of a safe.


However, there are ways to greatly improve the longevity and space-efficiency of your gun safe. Custom gun safes are not always available due to their price and limited availability, but there are ways to tailor your safe to your specific needs and maximize its effectiveness. In this article we’ll discuss, in no particular order, five safe accessories you can add to your safe to get the most out of it. 


Eva-Dry Dehumidifier

1. Dehumidifiers –

While desiccant bags can get the job done, they are not nearly the longest lasting or most effective way to keep the contents of your safe protected from humidity. Products such as the Eva-Dry dehumidifier are highly effective and reusable. When the sensor light comes on you simply plug the dehumidifier into an outlet and let it dry out before putting it back.

2. Fire Resistant Bags –

Many modern safes are fire resistant, but long exposure to high heat can still damage documents even if they don’t come into contact with smoke or flames. Fire Resistant bags are a great way to further protect your paper documents in case of a fire. They are lined with a fiberglass insulation and a fire-resistant coating to keep paper goods from scorching. 

3. Lighting Kits –

Hollon Light KitLighting kits have an obvious purpose, to provide light to the inside of your safe. Some high-end safes like the Republic series from Hollon come with lighting kits already installed. For safes that do not have lights installed, you can buy add-ons in the form of a light bar, or a flexible LED tape. You can buy some that require being plugged in to a wall outlet, and others that use battery packs. Most lighting kits also have some sort of motion/light sensor as well, so that the lights will automatically turn on when opening, or off when the safe is closed.

4. Safe Organizers and Door Panels –

Hollon Door Panel

Depending on what kind of items or weapons you choose to put in your safe, the basic shelving configuration may not give you the maximum use of space. To fix this there are options such as additional shelving, rifle & pistol rods and door panels. Rods allow you to store your rifles vertically or handguns on the underside of existing shelves. Door panels have slots for pistols and can also have pouches for documents or accessories.  Usually the door panel pouches, straps, and pockets on the inside of the doors are made of heavy-duty canvas material so that they can handle the weight and roughness of your weapons or ammo.

5. Jewelry Boxes –

Hollon Jewelry Box

Another product to help organize and manage space are jewelry boxes. Rings and earrings often come in awkward, rounded boxes that aren’t able to be neatly stacked on each other. Loose Jewelry is also hard to organize and can easily get misplaced or damaged when not stored properly. To combat this, you can buy jewelry box inserts for your safe that take the place of a shelf and gives you an organized spot to store all of your jewelry. Hollon for example, has a few different types and sizes of jewelry insert boxes that you can purchase to help organize your jewelry collection.

Honorable Mention: Intumescent Seals –

Intumescent seals are a form of fire protection consisting of a material that expands when exposed to heat and prevents smoke and flames from entering the safe. Some higher end safes come standard with intumescent seals. However, if you have an older model or a safe that doesn’t come with one you can buy aftermarket strips that you can stick around the door to create a seal. These seals usually line the safe door and are adhesively attached to the safe body, most of Hollon safes come with this added feature.

Bolt Down Safe

While many gun safes do not come with these features, our partners at Hollon Safe produce gun safes, home burglary safes, floor safes, and commercial safes that do! Most of their products are fire-rated that come with the intumescent seals, and some of their higher end models come with many of the safe accessories discussed in this article such as lighting kits, jewelry boxes and door panels.

Hopefully this article has given you an idea of some of the products out there than can improve your experience with your safe. If you’re looking for a safe locksmith or just a regular locksmith in Houston Tx, Guardian Safe And Lock proudly services the Houston area. So, if you need a commercial locksmith, a locksmith in Spring Tx, or a locksmith in Conroe Tx, we’re here to help! Guardian Safe and Lock is your preferred Houston area security camera system installerand access control installer. At our Tomball shop location, we also stock security safes for home, and of course plenty of residential and automotive keys.


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