Lost Car Keys – What am I Supposed to do?

by | May 8, 2019 | Automotive Programming

lost car keysHave you ever lost car keys? Is this the first time you have ever come across this type of issue? There is no need to contact the dealership. Even if you did, how are you going to get the vehicle there? Oh yeah, you will have to get a towing service to bring your vehicle to the dealership. This will cost you even more money, or you can call a car locksmith. Avoid the high cost of going through the dealership and choose an automotive locksmith in your area. We can make and program keys for all car models, no matter the model or year of the vehicle. It doesn’t matter if your car used a traditional key, smart key, you have an old vehicle or modern car. If you ever come across the issue of lost car keys, a local locksmith should be your first call. There are a few steps that you will need to follow when gathering information for the locksmith. There are many scammers in the locksmith industry, and it is important to do your research when selecting a company. We at Guardian Safe & Lock offer many different services for our residential and commercial customers. We are also fully insured, bonded and licensed (B16642) locksmith company in compliance with the Texas Department of Public Safety

Prepare the following information when contacting a locksmith about your lost car keys:

  • The Vehicle Year, Make, and Model
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Registration Number for the Vehicle
  • Personal Documentation (identification that shows name, address, and proof of ownership)
  • Vehicle Insurance or Title
  • Location of the vehicle
  • Whether or not the vehicle has a charged battery
  • Is the key that works in the ignition the same key that unlocks the door?
  • What buttons were on your previous remote (lock and unlock)

What Type of Key do I Have?

There are two main types of keys that are used to start vehicles. Standard transponder keys and proximity remotes are the most common types of automotive keys used today. Proximity remotes allow you to start your vehicle without physically inserting a key. This will require you to push a button instead of inserting a key and turning it. These type of key fobs are specifically made for push-to-start vehicles and will not work for a vehicle with a mechanical ignition. Transponder keys are like your traditional automotive key except that a microchip is built into the head of the key. This requires the key to be programmed into the vehicle in order to start the engine. Most American made vehicles began using transponder keys in 1999 or later. Most vehicles that are equipped with a factory installed vehicle alarm system often can be programmed with remote fobs. These remote fobs will not start the vehicle but will unlock/lock the vehicle by the press of a button. The transponder key and fobs programming are done with trade-specific equipment. We have a fleet of mobile service vehicle that can come out to you to provide service. They will even be able to cut and program the transponder key or fob on site.

What if My Vehicle is Locked?

There are a number of ways for an automotive locksmith to gain access into your vehicle when you have lost car keys. One of the most common ways is using a rubber wedge and long arm tool to either press the unlock button or pull the handle to open the vehicle. Another common technique is to actually pick open the door cylinder using specialized tools that do not damage the vehicle. Remember that whenever these techniques are used, the manufacturer did not intend the vehicle to be opened without a key. Locksmiths don’t intend on causing any type of damage to the customer’s vehicle, but there is always a chance of it happening. The automotive locksmith will then continue his diagnosis of the vehicle and conduct his process of making an operational key for your vehicle.

Can I Replace a Car Key Without having the Original?

Yes, any professional automotive locksmith can use one of his many methods to make you a new key. Locksmiths have the ability to create a mechanical key from scratch or program in a new remote key fob. The automotive locksmith will use one of a few methods when trying to create a new key for your vehicle. We use specialized tools for a specific year, make and model of vehicle. These tools will allow the locksmith to pick over the cylinder, and decipher the key code from the lock. If not able to correctly read your door cylinders the locksmith may resort to running the VIN number of your vehicle. Then he will cut the key based on the key code and then hook the programmer up to the vehicle to program the key. If your car has keyless entry, the automotive locksmith can have the old key fobs removed while in programming. This comes in handy so the old key fobs will not operate your vehicle in the event someone else finds your keys.

What if I have an older car?

If you have an older car, then it is less of a hassle and cost to replace your keys. Unfortunately, older vehicles do not have the higher security that a transponder key offers. Without a transponder key, an older vehicle can be stolen with ease by using a screwdriver to torque the ignition over. Also with most older vehicles before 1995, they did not require a transponder key to start the car.  By using various tools and software, the auto locksmith can decipher the cuts to replace your lost car keys. Once the technician has acquired the correct key cuts he can cut the key that will start your car. You can also get spare keys made from your local locksmith.

Prepare before your key is lost.

When replacing your lost car keys make sure to prepare in case it happens again. There are several ways to avoid this type of inconvenience from happening to you again. Ask your automotive locksmith for a spare while he is on site. A discount may be applied to the second key fob or transponder key while we are at the site of service. This way you can keep a backup spare where you know it will be safe and out of site. Just remember that anything a dealership can do with keys, an automotive locksmith can do the same or better. Our prices are often 70% of the cost of what the dealerships will charge you. Please be sure that your vehicle has a charged battery before calling them out. If the battery doesn’t have the correct charge, the key may not program into your vehicle.

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