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When To Consider Door Lock ReplacementDoor Lock Replacement


One of the most common questions a Houston locksmith is asked is: “Can you change my locks?” While rekeying locks is usually a far simpler answer than entirely changing the lock hardware; There may be times that true door lock replacement is a necessity and rekeying is not possible.

To better understand locksmithing and security concepts in this article, we’d like to suggest having a glance over our previous release “Rekeying vs Changing Locks“. In most cases, rekeying your locks is a more cost-efficient process than replacing everything.

Door lock replacement doesn’t just involve changing the key that works the lock- that’s rekeying. Door lock replacement entails not just replacing the pins, but the entirety of the lockset, including the housing and all other parts. What this means to the end-user is a new cosmetic appearance, a new key, and possibly new security features that the new lock possesses if you’re upgrading.

So today, Guardian Safe & Lock will briefly go over 3 scenarios where you definitely should consider replacing your door locks instead of simply rekeying them.

Replacing Faulty Locks

The most obvious time to replace door locks is a common sense answer, when they’re broken! Locks that have become vandalized, worn with age, or otherwise have physically ceased to function should usually be replaced. However; We should mention that this is best determined by a professional Cypress TX locksmith.

While some problems may be obvious like someone attempting to drill into a lock, if the physical damage isn’t blatant and straightforward it may be worth having a pro check it out. Sometimes these not-so-obvious issues may even be something strange, like chlorine crystalizing inside of a lock cylinder facing a pool for many years.

Many times, issues that occur to locks and cause them to stop functioning may seem “un-fixable” to the general public are easily troubleshooted and solved by a security professional like a Guardian Safe & Lock locksmith technician; but sometimes a broken lock is just a broken lock and needs to be replaced.

door lock replacement

Matching Up Keyways

Another valid reason to skip rekeying in exchange for replacing your door lock hardware is to match up the keyway. A “keyway” is the shape of the keyhole (and by extension the shape of the key) used to make a lock function. In the case of residential locks, the most common providers of hardware are Kwikset and Schlage. You’ve probably seen or even owned both of these types of house keys at some point in your life.

Kwikset and Schlage’s keyways do not match. What this means is that a Kwikset key cannot work a Schlage lock and vice-versa due to the key being physically unable to fit in the lock. In this instance replacing the lock that has a differing keyway than the rest of the building would be a valid reason to replace that specific door lock, so that the key already in place for the other locks could also function correctly there.

Upgrading Hardware

Increasing security or adding convenience to your property is another good reason to change out your door locks. A growing number of homeowners are adopting electronic deadbolts, for example. Electronic deadbolts are deadbolts that usually include a PIN pad to allow a user PIN to function a lock instead of a physical key. These devices tend to be purpose-built, and adding this function requires a new lock that supports it. Electronic locks may also include Bluetooth or WiFi operation, auditing, something impossible on a standard mechanical deadbolt.

A prime example of when to replace hardware for security reasons are deadbolts. These tend to commonly be “single-cylinder” deadbolts, which have a keyhole on the exterior and a thumb-turn on the interior, like the picture below and right. Some people may want to exchange these locks for a “double-cylinder” deadbolt that has keyholes on both sides when installed near a window or glass to prevent an intruder from smashing through and simply twitching the thumb-turn to the unlocked position on the single-cylinder deadbolt.

And finally, sometimes home or business owners may simply want higher-quality door hardware than what they currently have installed. Schlage custom hardware and other manufacturer equivalents allow for a very high degree of customization when it comes to the appearance of the locks, knobs, and levers themselves. These types of locks and other security hardware can be a cosmetic upgrade that quickly gives the property a newer, fresher “look” that is impossible without fully replacing the existing hardware.

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Guardian Safe & Lock – Your Houston Lock Replacement Experts

At the end of the day, it’s best to let your local locksmith determine if your locks should be fully replaced, like the residential locksmith Katy trusts most. When it comes to Houston residential lock repair, Houston commercial lock repair and Houston Gun Safe repair, Guardian Safe & Lock stands head and shoulders over our competition. Our technicians also handle more modern forms of security such as access control installation, car key programming, and also provide work as security camera installers in Houston.

With Guardian Safe & Lock your security is our priority, and you can rest assured of your continued peace-of-mind no matter your current issue! Give our Tomball TX headquarters a call today for a free quote or additional information: 832-534-8687

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