Intercom System Installation

Intercom System Installation

Audio & Video Intercom System Installation & Service

Intercom system installation by your local Houston locksmith is a very wise investment. Intercom systems facilitate easy and open communication across your facility without the need to rely on cell phone signal strength or expensive service plans.

Some intercom systems even allow for more advanced features; including video options or the ability to work with your security camera system installation and/or access control system to see and open your doors remotely. With trusted industry names like Aiphone and Comelit; Guardian Safe & Lock is your complete resource for intercom system installation in Houston!

Why Do I Need An Intercom System?

Intercom systems can be very useful for both businesses that accept customers in-building like a retail store and businesses that do not accept customers, such as in an office setting. With an intercom, gone are the days of wondering who’s at the door and why.

Any visitor to your property can be monitored and sometimes recorded approaching the entrance through your intercom. They can be greeted from your receptionists’ or other employees’ desks and can be approved or denied entry at a distance, ensuring your employees and your building’s security and safety.

In addition to the above; some installations also allow for a direct video feed instead of a traditional audio-only format. Some video intercoms also allow for pan-tilt-zoom (or “PTZ”) control options to ensure you can always see and monitor who wants to get into your building as clearly as possible.

Aiphone Intercom Systems

Aiphone Corporation was established in 1970 as the U.S. and Canadian subsidiary of Aiphone Company Limited out of Nagoya, Japan. In the decades since, Aiphone has made a name for itself as the largest, most reliable line of intercom systems in North America. Aiphone is also a rare, two-time winner of the prestigious Deming Prize for quality management and manufacturing processes.

Intercom System Installer Intercom systems from Aiphone can range from simple audio-only two-station answering systems to complex and sophisticated video systems used in commercial settings and multi-family residential installations. Regardless of the scale of your project; with Aiphone at our disposal Guardian Safe & Lock is prepared to take on your installation challenge with a system built for your needs.

Comelit Intercom Systems

Comelit Group SpA was founded in 1956 in Valle Seriana Italy and is now an industrial company operating on a global scale and specializing in the design and manufacture of video entry, video surveillance, anti-intrusion, home automation, access control, and fire protection systems. As a company; Comelit now exports to over 90 countries worldwide and has 17 branches located in strategic areas in which the company operates. This includes its headquarters in Italy.

In addition to many of the features detailed earlier on this page, Comelit also allows for your cell phone to act as an intercom station, allowing for flexibility when someone buzzes your doors. With a globe-spanning company like Comelit and all of their products at our disposal; Guardian Safe & Lock is more than ready to tackle your intercom projects.

Houston Intercom Installer Intercom System Installation In Houston

Regardless of if you need an audio-only intercom system installed on your home or a complex system with multiple video stations for your office; Guardian Safe & Lock is the security company to hire. Our technicians are highly skilled in installing Intercom systems and have proven experience tying these devices into access control or CCTV systems as well.

When you need an intercom system installed or serviced, call the security company Houston trusts most. Our technicians are trained, bonded, licensed, and insured to install the security hardware you need correctly the first time. Or; if you’re looking for additional service, our company is the locksmith Spring Tx and the Greater Houston Area trusts most.

Whether you need gun safes in Houston installed or serviced, service from a residential locksmith Houston regularly relies on, Houston commercial locksmith services, or lost car key replacement; Our locksmith technicians stand ready to help you! Give us a call today to learn more about intercom systems, or anything else we offer! 832-534-8687