ProDataKey Access Control Installation

ProDataKey Access Control System Installation

ProDataKey system

Guardian Safe & Lock, the locksmith Houston trusts most for commercial locksmith services, offers multiple access control system options so that our customers are able to have the features they want at the fairest price for their installation. That’s why we’re proud to offer the ProDataKey access control platform.

ProDataKey access control systems are definitely a game-changer in the security industry; and are one of the systems we’re most proud to offer to you, our customers. As a cloud-based, mobile-first company, ProDataKey (also known as PDK) definitely distinguishes themselves from the pack in their own, unique way.

ProDataKey access ControlA Mobile-First Access Control Platform

ProDataKey is commonly referred to both by themselves and by customers as a “mobile-first” access control platform. What this means is that PDK systems are designed from the conceptual level to always look at the end-user’s mobile phone as the primary means of connecting to, controlling, and using the system.

All major options, settings, and functions are available through their platform; and it’s always expected that this will be the primary way the administrator, installer, or end-user will operate their access control installation. As you can imagine, this greatly simplifies operation of the system and makes PDK a favorite of their customers for their headache-free, easy to manage software and hardware solution.

What Makes ProDataKey Different?

PDK systems may fit the same role of other access control options, but they also offer several unique features. These added features and options allow PDK to compete as an access control company while carving out their own market niche. With a ProDataKey system in place at your property, you’ll gain the full benefit of the following:

  • A mobile-first approach to access control – Say goodbye to desktops!
  • Interactive mapping screens
  • Reports and system reviews in real-time dashboards
  • Global lock down control, door control, and management on the go
  • User grouping for permission management
  • An open API, allowing for easy third-party hardware integration
  • Dedicated cloud servers and automatic system updates
  • Daily backup of all system data
  • Plug and play (PnP) hardware for easy installation or replacement.
  • System partitioning to allow a larger system to be broken down into multiple smaller, separate systems.
  • Real-time door & elevator status

Guardian Safe & Lock – Local Houston ProDataKey Access Control Installers ProDataKey Installer

The locksmith and security professionals are proud to offer several access control platforms to our customers, including PDK! But; did you know we can do much more for your piece of mind than that? We also perform work as Houston security camera installers, and sell some of the best Gun safes Houston is able to offer.

We’re the auto locksmith Houston Texas relies on when they’re locked out or need a new key for their vehicle, and we perform traditional locksmithing work for homes, offices, warehouses and more!

Whether you need a Cypress locksmith to rekey your home, or an Humble Locksmith to install access control and commercial hardware on your facility; Guardian Safe & Lock is ready to assist you today. Give us a call for more information or a free estimate at 832-534-8687!