Floor safes A Highly Effective Way of Securing your Property from Theft

Are you looking for in-floor safes for sale in Houston? Floor safes are one of the most secure safes a person can own. They are encased in concrete, only showing a solid steel door. As experts in safes, we here at Guardian Safe & Lock have ground safes for sale that we know can keep your property secure.

A Floor Safe can be used in a home to hide smaller valuables, or in a business needing a secure drop safe. These types of safes are a highly effective way of securing your property from theft. But why are ground safes widely considered to be such a proven option?

How Do You Install Floor Safes?

Floor safes are exactly what they sound like; a safe that’s secured underground in your home. These units provide several benefits over a normal safe, such as a gun safe, with a few minor inconveniences.

While some safes can be installed into wooden floors; experts agree that the best and most secure way to install them is into concrete floors. Places with a floor like in a garage. The process begins by cutting a hole in existing concrete to act as housing for the unit. The ground safe is installed, then more concrete is poured in around it to secure it.

Most of these types of safe include recessed dials, keypads, or keyholes. Some even have drop slots that allow for quick storage of papers or cash. These are covered with a cap that allows the safe to remain perfectly flush with the floor, allowing a rug or furniture to be placed over it in order to conceal the safe.

in floor safes Houston Most attempted burglars only bother to check for above-ground safes. Some may also look behind wall decorations for a wall safe. But the vast majority will feel rushed for time. They don’t want to waste it thinking about moving furniture or climbing under vehicles to check for a safe. Even if they were to find a floor safe, they most likely wouldn’t have the time and tools necessary to break the drill-resistant steel plate that is behind the safe door.

As we said earlier, the best place to install a floor safe is installed in a concrete floor, like in a garage. This limits where the safe can be placed. The safe doors are also very thick and heavy. A unit without an assisted opening mechanism is difficult for most people to open for day-to-day usage.

Concrete is an excellent form of insulation and surrounds most of the safe. However, the solid steel door is still exposed and can conduct heat down into the valuables inside. Buyer beware of floor safes labeled as fire safes, as these units don’t have the insulation materials installed inside their above-ground cousins.

A house fire or rain and humidity outside can also damage the contents of the safe. When water is poured over a floor that contains a safe, like rain or fire hoses, these ground safes fill with water. This is because adding a seal to the door compromises its’ burglary resistance. Because of this biometric locks that read fingerprints are usually not included with these models due to the sensitivity of the hardware to moisture.

What Is The Best Floor Safe?

There really isn’t a preferred floor-safe model to pick over the others. It basically breaks down to what type of keypad or manual dial you want, and how big you need it to be. The normal mechanisms that drive the locking bolt of a safe are mechanical combination locks. These tried and tested lock types are easy to operate, requiring a combination to be spun on the dial to open. There are more modern alternatives though.

Electronic locks requiring a keypad are quickly becoming popular. They allow you to pick a code from millions of combinations, and in the event of an emergency can be entered much quicker than a dial combination.

With floor safes, key locks are usually included as a second way of opening the safe. The idea is that if you forget your combination or code or there is a mechanical failure, there is still a way to open your safe. It’s convenient to be able to open a safe this way, instead of having to drill into or pry the safe open.

floor safes Houston Floor Safes For Sale Near Me

There are many shapes and types of in-floor safes for the home or office on the market, and we at Guardian Safe and Lock are masters of them all. If you feel a floor safe may be an option for securing your property, give us a call or stop by our showroom. We offer many different models of floor safes for sale.

Our Houston locksmiths are the best in the industry and can help find the best model safe for your needs. Give yourself peace of mind with a safe from Gardall, Amsec, Hollon, or Hayman. Let our employees help find the best fit for you today.