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Commercial Security: 7 Modern Essentials


These days, it is crucial to have great commercial security in place to protect your company against all forms of criminal activity such as theft, vandalism, and personal attacks. It’s not only important to protect your assets; but also, more importantly, to provide a safe working environment for all your employees. Although the standard lock and key solution is still the first line of defense; today’s security demands the use of more sophisticated security solutions. Don’t misunderstand; the physical security of using a lock and key is still here to stay and should be a part of your overall security system. However; there are many other types of security upgrades that are equally important.

So, let’s discuss the seven physical security components that all businesses should utilize to protect their employees and assets.

1. Master Key Systemscommercial master key

It all starts with your business’ locks and keys, or the bread and butter so to say. It is important that you know who has access to keys and how many copies are out there. It can be hard to keep control of who’s making copies of keys and who has access to what.

To help with all the confusion, a commercial locksmith can set you up with what’s called a master key system, or even possibly integrate a high-security key system. A master key system is a great way to control who has what keys and who goes where. A professional locksmith can create a system with multiple different keys that all have different access privileges.

When you have a master key system in place, you have one key that works every door in the building and different keys that may work one or more doors under that. This way the owner or manager can carry a master key and get into every door while an employee may only have access to his office or maybe even a few other doors.

The way the system is set up is by keying each lock to one or more keys using industry techniques, thus allowing you to control who has access to what. If you want to take it a step further, you can even put the master key system on a high-security key system. 

2. High-Security Key Systemscommercial locksmith

Depending on the type of high-security key system you have, they will have different advantages. High-security key systems use a key that is not available to just anyone and has additional security benefits. Usually, the locksmith company that provides the key either owns the rights to the key blank itself or is the only company in either a zip code or specific geographic location that can legally get the key blanks. 

This way, you know that none of your employees can get copies of keys made unless you have them listed as an authorized person. High-security key systems usually have sidebars and drill-resistant features on their lock cylinders. This makes your locks nearly impossible to get picked or drilled open as well as employees not being able to make unauthorized copies. If you are looking to master key your business or get a quote on a high-security key system take a look at our preferred system: Schlage Primus.

3. Video Intercom Systemsvideo intercom houston

A video intercom system is an excellent way of protecting employees who may be alone in the office. They are also used to help with answering the door or seeing who is at the door and being able to speak to or buzz them in without having to physically get up and open the door. 

With the advances in technology, video intercom systems have become much more cost-efficient and have more features than ever. You can even control them from your phone or mobile device! Video intercoms are very common in big businesses especially daycares, shipping facilities, schools, and can even be installed at your home.

alarm system houston4. Monitored Commercial Security Alarm Systems

Of course, we can’t forget one of the most common deterrents, an alarm system. There are a wide variety of different companies and systems when it comes to installing an alarm system. This is the one service we do not currently offer at Guardian Safe and Lock, but we hope to add it to our wide list of services in the next few years. 

If you are going to get an alarm system, I believe it goes without saying you need to have it monitored. Otherwise, it’s just a noisemaker and no one will be notified!

5. Commercial Security Safes and Fire-Rated File Cabinetsfire-rated safes

Safes and fire-rated file cabinets are some of the most underrated and overlooked security components in businesses today. Every business has important files and documents that need to be secured. What if your business catches on fire, and all your important documents go with it? It can be very hard to get replacements and some documents are irreplaceable.

That is why as business owners we use fire-rated file cabinets to protect those important documents and financial records. Safes are also crucial when keeping valuables secure in case of a fire or theft. Every business should have both fire-rated file cabinets and also fire rated and burglary rated security safes. Guardian Safe & Lock is your Houston area safe dealer that you can trust and has many different options when securing your valuables.

access control business6. Access Control System Installation

Access control is a growing industry and is becoming a common security measure that is implemented in most businesses these days. With the advances in technology, access control has become more affordable and flexible in recent years. This allows companies like ours to offer very dependable and affordable options. 

For those of you not familiar with the term access control, it’s basically just like it sounds: controlling access to many different types of openings and doors of your business. We offer this control by installing badge readers, fingerprint readers, or keypads to doors that need to have monitored access. These readers all wire into different devices and panels that activate and open doors when the correct credential or fingerprint is provided.

There are many different types of access control systems, and all of them have different functions and features. Our preferred access control system is Brivo, which is a cloud-based system. You can even implement wireless locks into the system by using Allegion’s wireless engage technology. These wireless devices can work on their own through an app or can be configured to work with a wireless gateway and implemented into a Brivo access control system.


7. Surveillance Camera System Installationsurveillance cameras

The final commercial security essential we’ll be covering today is the use of security cameras. Over the last few decades, security cameras have exploded in popularity. It’s been estimated that by the end of 2021 that the world will have 1 billion active surveillance cameras watching it. There are many different types of security camera systems; such as analog, digital, HD over Coax, and IP Cameras. 

These systems have also become more advanced; offering technologies such as license plate readers, and facial recognition. You even have the choice of storing your data locally on an NVR (network video recorder), DVR (digital video recorder), or even in the cloud. 

It is becoming increasingly common to have surveillance camera systems installed on your business. Even the smallest businesses have CCTV camera systems installed, due to the fact that parts, materials, and installations have become more affordable than ever.


Commercial Security: In Conclusionbusiness locksmith houston

Commercial security is and always will be one of the biggest concerns for companies of all sizes. We live in a time where you can do just about anything you can imagine in regards to your business’ security. If you are interested in having any or all of these security solutions implemented into your business, give us a call at 832-534-8687. Guardian Safe & Lock is fully licensed with the Texas DPS, and has a team of trained professional locksmiths ready to help you with your business’ security needs!

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