Brivo Access Control System Installation

Brivo Access Control System Installation


Brivo access control As the locksmith Houston trusts most; Guardian Safe & Lock performs more than traditional commercial locksmith work. We also install cloud-based Brivo access control systems for access control Houston can rely on to modernize their business security. More and more, Houston area business owners are shifting away from only relying on traditional lock-and-key systems for security and are choosing to also install access control systems.

Access control systems are custom-built systems of security and computer hardware designed to do exactly as they’re named; control access to your facility. This is usually accomplished with key cards, key fobs, user PIN codes with a keypad, or even over a Bluetooth connection with a cellular device. Access control installation can cut costs for your business and save you time as a busy entrepreneur while both improving security and giving you peace of mind.

Just as access control systems are unique to each installation, Guardian Safe & Lock recognizes Brivo is unique among their competition in the industry.

Cloud Based Access Control

Brivo, Inc. offers something that has somewhat recently revolutionized the security industry: cloud based access control. Access control is typically administered and managed from a computer on-site that’s wired into the local network and running the software locally. Brivo moves the “brains” of their system from this local PC to the cloud, a series of connected servers that exist off-site and secured with their technology.

This means two things for you, the end-user. The first is that the system’s “brains” are no longer physically present. This makes it physical impossible for thieves to steal or damage the hardware and undo the security provided. It also means that technical issues, like a failing hard drive on a local computer or a missed firmware update, are also fully eliminated.

Secondly, this means that with a Brivo cloud based access control system, you can view and administer the system from anywhere in the world with an internet connection; including your computer, tablet, or even your cell phone! This added convenience can save you quite a bit of time in both the short and long term. Any time you need to adjust the settings for your Brivo system, check access logs, manage user credentials, or update the software and firmware, you can do so at your own convenience.

brivo access control system How Is Brivo Different Than Other Access Control Companies?

There are more access control companies today then ever before, but Brivo is definitely a step ahead of many others in the industry. Not only do they offer cloud based access control solutions, but they were the company who pioneered the technology back in 2002! That means Brivo not only offers but has also conceived and developed the full cloud-based experience.

Their system is backed up by over a decade of third-party audits of their systems and security as well as an impressive list of clients, including notable companies such as: the American Red Cross, Whole Foods Market, HomeAdvisor, CVS Pharmacy, and the United States Department of Defense. As the first cloud based access control company in the world, Brivo can offer you a truly groundbreaking service.

  • With a Brivo access control system, you have all of the following features and more:
  • A product suite including smart readers, mobile credentials, visitor management, occupancy monitoring, intercoms, & more!
  • 256-Bit encryption to protect your system from hackers or other unauthorized access
  • No open inbound ports (Only port 443 is utilized for outbound communication)
  • Bot and DDOS (Direct Denial of Service) attack monitoring
  • Regular, automatic software and firmware updates
  • The ability to print visitor passes or issue temporary visitor PIN codes
  • Triple redundancy to protect your system’s data from hardware failure
  • The ability to integrate with Eagle Eye Networks CCTV systems & other platforms
  • An open API, allowing third-party developers freedom to add on to the system
  • World class 24/7 customer support
  • The same service trusted and utilized by over 200 Fortune 500 companies as well as the U.S. Department of Defense

Brivo also offers fairly priced rates and plans for different business sizes. From small retail single-building businesses to enterprise level pricing for companies with multiple locations and hundreds or even thousands of employees. These plans make Brivo equally available as an option for security regardless of scale of your business or property, with a system like Brivo, Guardian Safe & Lock has the perfect answer for your property and employees’ security in the cloud.

Guardian Safe & Lock – Local Houston Brivo Access Control Installers

brivo system installation

Whether you’re looking for a Brivo Access control system, an Aiphone intercom installation, car key programming, or gun safes Houston has rated the very best; call Guardian Safe & Lock. Guardian Safe & Lock is the commercial and residential locksmith Houston calls on more than anyone else.

Our technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured to protect your property and accurately diagnose possible issues in your existing security hardware. Guardian Safe & Lock locksmith technicians are also fully trained in newer security technologies such as cloud based access control, IP cameras, and automotive transponder key and fob programming.

From access control like Brivo, to commercial surveillance cameras, to traditional keying and safe work; Guardian Safe & Lock is ready to tackle any security challenge you can present to us. If you’re a small business owner looking to secure a small retail space, or a larger client looking for advanced features to put Brivo access control on multiple facilities, you can call today to learn more at 832-534-8687.