Quality Security Safes

security safesWe have a variety of high-security safes and our well-trained security safe locksmiths also provide other related services for the greater Houston area. We provide quality security safes at bargain prices and stock popular brand names such as Hayman, Gardall, American Security, and Hollon Safes.





We stock and service all types of safes including:

  • Burglary Safes
  • Fire Rated Safes
  • Gun Safes
  • Wall Safes
  • Floor Safes
  • Cash Safes
  • Depository Safes
  • Jewelry Safes
  • High Security Safes

Not only do we sell safes, but we also offer delivery and bolt down services for your security safe.

Gun Safes

At Guardian Safe & Lock, we carry a wide variety of gun safes to meet all your firearm and ammunition storage needs. All of our Gun safes come with protection from burglary and fire, and can stock anywhere from one to sixty-four guns. This lets you grow your collection while protecting your weapons and other valuables by combining the features of a burglary safe and a fire safe. Some of our gun safes are equipped with re-locking pins and hardened steel plates to protect your assets from attempts to break in. Let our gun safe experts help you choose the right gun safe for you.

Fire Rated Safes

When deciding on a fire safe, it is important to be aware of the safes fire rating. Tests for fire ratings are performed by the independent testing facilities of Underwriters Laboratory (UL). These ratings provide the customer with the best fire protection level the security safe has to offer. These tests subject the safe to a fire temperature up to 1,850 degrees Fahrenheit for a set exposure duration, all the while holding an internal temperature of no greater than 350 degrees Fahrenheit. By passing such tests the safe is then awarded a certificate ranging from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours of fire protection.

Burglary Rated Safes

Burglary safes are usually made of solid steel plates or a combination of solid steel and composite fill material such as concrete. These safes are divided into categories based on the level of protection delivered and the testing endured. Some of the ratings are as follows, B-Rating, RSC, TL-15, TL-30, and TL-30×6. Each of these types of burglary safes have their own unique set of standards and are tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Depository Safes

Depository Safes are designed to provide fast deposits and storage for cash, jewelry, and other valuables. Deposits can be made through a locked door via a top-loading rotary hopper, a reverse, or a front-loading deposit door. Many of these security safes are “B” rated and lack protection against fire due to the open slots for cash deposits. Depository safes allow cash and other valuables to be deposited in the security safe without having access to whats inside.

High Security and Jewelry Safes:

All high-security safes are held to a higher standard. Our high-security safes are designed to resist attacks while preserving your valuables, such as important documents and jewelry. These high-security safes are also burglary and fire rated for overall protection. Since these high-security safes are built for protecting valuable items, such as jewelry, they can be referred to as Jewelry Safes. Most jewelry safes are rated as either TL-15, TL-30, or TL-30×6. Before each safe can be rated, they all have to pass the standardized testing by Underwriters Laboratories.

Wall Safes and Floor Safes

Another popular type of security safe is a wall safe or floor safe. These type of safes can be hidden in the wall or in the concrete floor of your home or business. When you want to keep your security safe hidden and out of sight, there’s not a better choice than a floor safe or wall safe. These safes usually come with some sort of fire and burglary rating as well.

Servicing Safes

We offer a wide variety of safe services which include:

  • Open or drill locked security safes
  • Swap manual dial to an electronic keypad
  • Change safe combination
  • Repair damaged security safes
  • Bolt down security safes
  • Delivering or relocating safes

Gain Entry Into Locked Safes

Our safe locksmiths are highly experienced and trained to combat any residential and commercial safe they may come across. There are several different ways to attack a locked safe. Whether it is a manual combination dial or electronic keypad entry, our safe technicians know the correct drill points to the corresponding safe. Once our safe locksmiths open the safe, our trained safe technicians will patch and repair your safe as if it were brand new.

Safe Delivering and Anchor Bolt Down

We can bring the safe to you and bolt it down to the floor of your home or business. Our safe technicians use concrete anchors to bolt your safe to the floor. By bolting down your safe you add up to 2,500 pounds of weight to the safe. When your safe is bolted down, it gives you peace of mind whenever you are away from your security safe for any period of time.

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