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COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the United States.

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At the time of writing, America now is home to 1/5th of all people infected in the world. While many states haven’t issued a shelter-in-place order, major cities everywhere have passed progressive and sweeping measures to attempt to “flatten the curve”. Fortunately enough, your local locksmith COVID-19 updates from us continue.

President Trump has extended federal social distancing guidelines through the end of the month of April. He also signed a bipartisan bill allocating approximately $2 Trillion to a suffering economy after the UN has declared a worldwide recession. From just about every perspective, things are not good. 

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What’s Happening At Guardian Safe & Lock?

On our end, there has been a business slowdown as local Houston companies have shut their doors due to being nonessential. But as the world seems to burn around us there is still some security and locksmith work to be done. Your local Houston locksmith still has plenty of locksmith and security work to perform.

As the global emergency continues to grow, companies still seek access control installation to keep their buildings safe and secure from unauthorized access. They still need security camera installation to be able to keep an eye on facilities should greater lockdown measures be ordered, or if they are already out of their buildings due to them.

Keeping It Clean, For Your Safety

Guardian Safe & Lock is staying open as we have mentioned in our newsletter, other blog updates, and on social media. Our business is essential, and we still will not be shutting our doors or letting our phones go to voicemail through this epidemic. No Guardian Safe & Lock employees show signs or symptoms of the novel coronavirus. 

This is nowhere near a guarantee of perfect health, in times where President Trump and the government have declared a best-case scenario in America of possibly 100,000 to 200,000 deaths. But it means we can continue providing Houston with the safety and security the city needs. 

As always our staff continues to decontaminate and sanitize all surfaces and the air of our shop and vehicles almost religiously. We’ve also maintained strict social distancing rules through the entire pandemic as instructed by local, state, and federal guidelines. 

What We Can Do For Your Securitysafes houston

As many fear for the worst possible outcome, trust in Guardian Safe & Lock to not only secure your home or business; but to help you into a locked car or store your important belongings in some of the best Houston safes on the market. As many people arm themselves in case of an even more unimaginable emergency, we sell many gun safes Houston trusts to secure their firearms from their children or strangers.

Things are bad right now for Houston, Texas, and the United States. And they will probably get worse to come yet. Don’t wait or hesitate with security, call us here at Guardian Safe & Lock to ensure the safety of your family and property. We keep our doors open for all of you and will continue to do so until we can no longer. As usual, if this is to change we’ll let you know in another one of these Locksmith COVID-19 updates.

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