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How Old Is Cypress Really?

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Cypress, Texas is a large unincorporated community located along US 290 on the northwest side of the Greater Houston Area.  Since large scale development began in the ’80s, the area has quickly grown to become one of the largest suburbs in Houston. As a Cypress Locksmith, Guardian Safe & Lock has seen this growth firsthand. But Cypress has a history a lot longer and more storied than a lot of other towns in our area.

Ancient Cypress, Texas

For example, arrowheads have been found in Cypress and dated back to about 7500 BC. These arrowheads are believed to be from the Atakapa or Akokisa Native American tribes or their predecessors. The Atakapa and Akokisa tribes historically lived on lands from the Houston area, including Cypress, all the way into territory that is now Louisiana. 

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As time marched on, these natives retreated as predominantly German immigrants began to settle the area. Cypress still bears marks of this German history with roads and thoroughfare named things like ‘Huffmeister’ and ‘Telge’. Immigration from these settlers peaked in the 1840s, shortly after Texas became the Republic of Texas.

Cypress Under The Republic Of Texas

Speaking of the revolution, Sam Houston and his retinue just days before the battle of San Jacinto on their way to Harrisburg, (which is now east Houston). On March 22, 1836, General Houston and the Texas revolutionary army readied themselves for war on what is now one of the largest residential areas in the city named after him.

Twenty years after this, the town of Cypress, Texas was planned out in 1856 by William R. Baker. This rural and undeveloped area remained forgotten and not thought about for over 100 years.

The Growth Of Modern Cypress, Txlocksmith cypress

Until the 1980s and ’90s when master-planned communities and large infrastructure began to reshape Cypress into one of the wealthiest and fastest-growing areas in Houston. Cypress continues growing today, with large amounts of construction taking place on both highway 290 and across the rest of the area.

With this level of growth and development, there has been loads of work for Guardian Safe & Lock. As your local Cypress Tx Locksmith, Guardian has been providing and installing locking hardware, access control installation, surveillance camera installation and even working as a mobile locksmith Cypress Tx can call on for emergency locksmith services

We salute the long road Cypress has been on and stand ready to grow with it. If you need a locksmith in Cypress Texas, give us a call at 832-534-8687 and see why we’re the most trusted locksmith in the Greater Houston Area.

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