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Hikvision Camera Solutions

Hikvision security camera installer

Guardian Safe & Lock endeavors to be the locksmith Houston relies on for all their security needs. What this means is that our technicians must not only have the highest level of skill, but also knowledge of the best products on the market to keep your home, vehicle, business, and other property safe and secure. Enter Hikvision USA: Guardian Safe & Lock’s preferred brand of digital IP and analog security camera solutions. Hikvision is a big name in the industry, receiving many awards for its’ revolutionary new product designs and features. So today; we’ll be discussing some of their more exciting and popular products that you can buy for your own security camera installation with our team of locksmith and CCTV professionals!

Hikvision’s ColorVU Technology

One of the newest and most interesting innovations out of Hikvision is its’ new ColorVu technology. ColorVu may be one of the single largest breakthroughs in night vision technology in the last decade. The go-to standard for night vision through cameras for decades has been the use of infrared lighting, leading to a colorless and dull image from cameras at night or in the dark. Essentially; through the use of super large apertures, a larger sensor, and advanced ISP technology, Hikvision has solved this problem plaguing camera owners for years.

ColorVu technology allows for full-color, 4K Ultra-High Definition video in the dark, even down to a measurement of 0.0005 lux. That’s the same lighting as a moonless, starlit night. The results must be seen to be believed, so take a look at our review of ColorVu cameras from our secondary YouTube channel; Guardian Approved:


Improved 2nd Generation AcuSense Cameras

Hikvision security cameras

Another exciting product line from Hikvision is the 2nd Gen AcuSense Camera line. AcuSense cameras are characterized by possessing a set of common features. When a potential intruder is detected, the AcuSense camera triggers a VCA (video content analysis) event in its’ software. This VCA event allows the camera to filter human and vehicle-based movements over ambient movement in the environment and other sources, saving you time by not having to check for false alarms when a tree branch moves, rainfalls, or a stray animal walks across the frame. The footage is even automatically sorted and stored separately, saving you time going over hours of footage in the event of a detection.

Speaking of alarms; “SL” models of AcuSense cameras are equipped with a flashing strobe light and auditory warning that can be activated when potential intruders are on-site to dissuade their trespassing. Both the strobe light brightness and auditory warning volume are adjustable, allowing you to adapt them to their environment and actively reduce the risk of an actual intrusion.

2nd Gen AcuSense Cameras also support the Hikvision embedded open platform (HEOP). This allows them to run custom, switchable onboard third-party cloud applications on devices.

HeatPro Thermal Camera Solutions from Hikvisionhikvision installer CCTV

The third and final offering from Hikvision that we’ll be discussing today is their line of “HeatPro” thermal surveillance cameras. What makes thermal cameras different than traditional, optical cameras? The answer is actually fairly simple. Standard, optical cameras measure light in the form of visible light radiation. Thermal cameras measure thermal radiation either instead of, or in addition to visible light radiation. All objects with a temperature above absolute zero emit thermal radiation, even at low levels. This kind of radiation, invisible to the human eye, can be detected by the imaging sensors in Hikvision’s HeatPro cameras.

Hikvision of course has additional technological advancements beyond simple heat detection for their HeatPro cameras. HeatPro cameras offer temperature measurement, allowing you to know if temperatures exceed or fall below a certain limit. This can provide an advanced warning before equipment freezes or overheats, or if a fire occurs. The HeatPro cameras are able to accurately detect and alert you to these threats even in areas with little or no visible light. They also feature an adaptive automatic gain control, digital detail enhancement, and 3D visual noise reduction for the clearest image possible!

Hikvision Cameras – In Conclusion

As you can see, Hikvision has become the most popular surveillance camera brand in the world for good reason. There are many other interesting products and features they offer beyond the scope of this blog post, and we highly recommend checking out more of their offered products over at In the meantime; when you need a keyless entry system installed, a master key system implemented, or keys made for your house; Guardian Safe & Lock is your go-to Houston area locksmith. We get the job done, regardless of if you need a car locksmith, safe locksmith, or another type of security professional. Call the locksmith Spring TX and the rest of the Greater Houston Area relies on for any of your security needs, including Hikvision surveillance cameras!

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