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by | Apr 21, 2021 | Security Safes, Product Review

Hollon’s Oyster series Fire and Burglary safes are for those who want the perfect balance between fire protection and burglary protection.

These are high-quality safes that are versatile enough to be used either in the home or office to protect many types of valuables. As far as security goes, the Hollon oyster safe stands between Hollon’s office safes and their TL-rated safes as an affordable compromise. In this article, we’ll cover the main features of this Hollon Oyster safe series and explain where the fire and burglary protections come from.

Features of the Fire & Burglary Rated Hollon Oyster Safes

Hollon Oyster Safe

Obviously, the main function of the Oyster or “FB” series is to protect against Fire and Burglary. All FB series safes are all impact rated up to 30 feet, fire-resistant for up to 2 hours, and come with both active and inactive bolts to protect against break-ins. Each Hollon Oyster safe also comes with your choice of an electronic keypad or a manual dial, both are made by S&G and are UL listed. There is also a size range anywhere from 18 inches tall to 60 inches tall to ensure you can find the unit that best matches your space requirements.

Fire Protection

Residential Fire

As far as fire protection goes, Hollon’s Fire and Burglary safe series is among the best bangs for your buck. All of the Hollon Oyster safes in that line are tested to last 2 hours at 1,700 degrees external temperature and 350 degrees internal temperature. So, even if you are way out in a rural, country area where the nearest fire department is an hour away, your valuables will still be protected.


Burglary Protection

Any safe in the Hollon Oyster Safe line comes with multiple anti-theft features to protect your belongings from amateur and professional burglars alike.

Depending on which size you choose, there are anywhere from 2-6 sturdy 1.5” moving bolts to keep the door in place as well as heavy-duty vault style hinges on the doors. Every model has anHome Burglar inactive vertical locking bar that prevents the safe from being opened if the moving bolts are compromised. They also come standard with a center bolt-down hole so that the safe can be anchored to the foundation.

Finally, a glass re-locker plate comes standard in every model except for the smallest in the line, which comes with a high-intensity re-locker plate. Re-locker plates are a security measure that prevents unauthorized access via drilling through the keypad. Essentially, when the re-locker plate is damaged or cracked, a spring-loaded bolt is released that falls in place to block the rails from slide side to side. This way if the safe is being drilled into and they crack the glass plate, it makes it even harder to get in your Hollon Oyster safe, almost like a booby trap.

Hollon Oyster Safe Accessories

Hollon Jewelry BoxAdditional accessories are available to further customize and upgrade your safe to best suit your needs. Some of these safe accessories come from Hollon such as extra shelves and jewelry boxes. In fact, the Fire and Burglary series is the only Hollon series that has the jewelry boxes custom-made to fit. You can also install a motion-sensing light kit to vastly improve your experience while using your safe and help with identifying contents in a hurry.

Hollon’s Fire and Burglary safes are a great choice for anyone who wants to alleviate any worry about theft or damage to their personal property. The range of sizes ensures that just about anyone can find a safe that fits their needs and valuables. These American-made safes come with a lifetime warranty against damage from fire and burglary. So, if your safe is damaged beyond use by attempted burglary or a fire, Hollon will provide and ship a replacement free of charge.

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