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The City Of Kingwood Is No Stranger To Flooding. 

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Much of the city was built on forested land, marshes, or swamps. The flat terrain and extensive greenfield development have combined to worsen flooding. There have been 2 major rainfall events in Kingwood, Texas over the past 3 years that have made rebuilding difficult and living peaceably a nightmare.

As your Kingwood locksmith and local locksmith in Houston, Guardian Safe & Lock wanted to highlight the issues faced by this part of our community near Lake Houston, and indeed all of the Greater Houston Area. While it may not be the normal type of home security Houston relies on us for, awareness of the situation in Kingwood is in itself a form of security.

A History Of Houston Hurricanes

Houston has long known hurricanes and the damage they can cause. The most deadly natural disaster in American history was a hurricane that hit the Houston area, the Galveston hurricane of 1900 aka “The Great Storm of 1900”. Pre-dating our modern naming conventions, this storm forced the creation of the Galveston seawall in its’ wake and lifted bodies from graves. The cyclone killed over 240 people as far north as New York and caused damage in Ontario, Canada.

Fast forward to more modern times, and Hurricane Harvey in August of 2017 is now tied with Hurricane Katrina as the costliest hurricane on record, causing $126 billion in damages and dropping on average 40 inches of rain in 4 days. Kingwood was of the areas most affected by this storm, losing many homes to the floodwaters and other damage caused by the storm.

Kingwood Access ControlThe Most Recent Flooding in Kingwood

Even more recently, Tropical storm Imelda dropped up to another 29 inches of water into Houston in September of 2019, exacerbating efforts to rebuild further. Releasing the dams on Lake Houston and Lake Conroe to ease flooding in the city proper only make things worse, simply moving water further downstream and inundating the Kingwood area (which is located off the San Jacinto River) to a harsher degree. 

Some Kingwood residents are organizing a grassroots fight to improve Houston’s flood control and mitigation plans. But there are many other steps that Guardian Safe & Lock can help you follow to ensure your business and home security in the event of another natural disaster. 

Being Prepared For The Unexpected With Guardian Safe & LockKingwood Safes

We stock some of the most secure safes in Houston; including the Hollon Black Hawk line of Houston gun safes. These security containers and many other models on our showroom floor ensure that fire, water, and prying hands are unable to reach your important documents, currency, precious metals, and other property inside.

We also offer our services as access control installers, including “fail-secure” systems that don’t unlock and become open to the general public, should power be lost. Our other services include things like surveillance camera installation and acting as a locksmith for cars. Should you need to gain access to your vehicle in an emergency, we’ll assist with that service, too.

Guardian Safe & Lock may not be able to control the weather, but we’re ready to help as a locksmith in Kingwood, and Houston, to ready you for the next emergency. It’s always better to be prepared in emergency situations, so call on us and ensure your property is safe today.

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