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PDK Access Control

PDK Cloud Node Install

Access control systems are being found more commonly in office buildings across the country as their convenience and security becomes more well known. The opportunity to modernize security and create more advanced systems appeals to many business owners everywhere. Pro-Data-Key, better known as PDK, offers a range of solutions for businesses who want a customizable, cloud-based access control system. In this article, your preferred Houston locksmith will summarize and explain the features and abilities of PDK’s system.

Summary of PDK Access Control

PDK offers a cloud-based access control system that offers extreme flexibility and reach. You’re given a wide range of options for categorizing users and the ability to manage your entire system from any device, including mobile devices. With a PDK system, you’re able to set up interior and exterior doors, gates, garages, and elevators. Their easy-to-use mobile app lets you adjust your system and user permissions from anywhere in the world. This means you don’t have to worry about running to your office computer any time settings need to be changed or adjusted.

PDK Access C0ntrol Features

Mobile Credentials One of our favorite features of PDK is how they utilize cloud-based technology by letting you manage your entire system on the go. This means you can add or restrict users, set events, lock and unlock doors, and set temporary passcodes from any device. Cell phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops all have the capability to run PDK’s app, letting you manage your system from anywhere with an internet connection. PDK systems can handle single or multiple doors, elevators, and gates. Plus, you can manage multiple locations all from the same app. Another flexible aspect of PDK’s system is the ability to set it up using your existing IT infrastructure, POE, or wirelessly using their WiMAC system. Credentials can come in the form of cards, key fobs, stickers, bracelets, or even a cell phone when using their Bluetooth-compatible reader.

Readers/ Touch IO

With PDK, each system requires something called a “Cloud Node”, which is the brain of the whole operation. If you only have one door, this is all you’d need as the cloud node also comes with a single-door controller. If you have more than just one door, no worries! There is also the option to use a 2-door controller or 8- door controller for bigger projects that can also be used as a 10-floor elevator controller if you or your customer has a multiple-story building.PDK Reader

You are also not limited to doors, PDK also offers an option for gates and garage doors that comes in a weatherproof case to ensure the reader stays protected.
Finally, PDK has developed their Bluetooth “Touch IO” reader that maximizes convenience by allowing you to use your phone as a credential. This means
unlimited mobile credentials and a lowered risk of having credentials compromised. Basically, anyone with a cell phone can enter any opening using the
Touch IO reader by either presenting your mobile device to the reader or by being within a certain proximity of the reader.


Hopefully, this blog article gave you more insight into the basics of PDK’s access control system and what you can expect from their service. The flexibility of their software, as well as reader options, make PDK the access control Houston area businesses love.

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