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by | Jan 25, 2021 | Access Control, Product Review

In the ever-changing and evolving world of technology, security products have not been left in the dust of progress.

High-tech access control systems and smart residential locks have been in the limelight as convenience melds with security to create groundbreaking products for home and business owners. However, another type of product has also been in development: Bluetooth-compatible smart padlocks to use on your storage units, gates, sheds, and warehouses.

The eGeeTouch Smart Lock

eGeeTouch LockThe first lock we’ll be discussing in this article is the eGeeTouch 3rd gen; a durable, rugged smart lock that can be opened by a variety of options to match your personal preference. You’re able to use an NFC smart fob or card, a Bluetooth capable smartwatch, or the smartphone app to open the lock.

Also, there is no need to worry about changing batteries, it is recharged via a mini-USB port hidden underneath a weatherproof rubber flap. The eGeeTouch also boasts an impressive 7000 lock/unlock cycles per full charge and 3,000 recharging cycles. The durability, smartphone app, auditing capability, and battery life make the eGeeTouch 3rd gen a great choice for those looking to enjoy all of the benefits of smart padlocks.

The Tapplock one+

Smart padlocks The next product we’ll discuss in this article is the Tapplock one+. While the eGeeTouch smart lock is fantastic for residential use, the Tapplock one+ was designed with businesses in mind. What sets it aside from other smart locks, is the fingerprint unlocking feature, the ability to track access history via the Tapplock app, it has unlimited users, the option of granting permanent or limited access and the ability to store up to 500 fingerprints per lock.

This helps companies keep better track of who is coming and going since fingerprints cannot be spread around like passcodes or keys. Not only does a fingerprint-based system create a uniquely secure platform, it also greatly decreases the time it takes to open the lock.

The Tapplock one+ can open in .8 seconds, offering lightning-fast unlocking capabilities. In addition to the fingerprint capability, you can also choose to set a password using morse-code. All in all, the Tapplock one+ is a great solution for businesses that often have vendors or deliveries and need accurate usage history, and efficient unlocking methods.

Smart Padlock

Master Lock Bluetooth Padlocks

The final smart padlocks we’ll cover are the Master Lock Bluetooth padlocks. Master Lock offers both an indoor version and an outdoor version. Not only can you use an app on your phone as the key for the Master Lock Bluetooth padlocks, they also have a manual D-pad on the lock that you can use to open the lock in case you don’t have access to your phone.

While using the app, you can control and monitor who can unlock your smart padlocks and the time of day they have access. Your smart padlocks will also send you tamper warnings to let you know if anyone is messing with them, to ensure you have ample time to call the police.

The Master Lock Bluetooth series of smart padlocks is a straightforward and convenient security solution. When you have your phone with you, opening the lock is as easy as pressing any button on the lock. When you’re away you can grant access to others by giving them the directional code, or remotely unlocking via the app.

Smart Padlocks – In Conclusion

Smart Padlocks are a technology that can be expected to grow and improve throughout the future of the security industry, creating more options for consumers to choose from. If you’re looking to improve your home or business’s security, search “Locksmith near me” to find a local locksmith who can help you out.

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