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Keys are a great method for security, but on their own, they have their limits.

Access control system Houston

While every door needs a key to allow people to come and go, there are ways to get more control over a building’s security. Modern electronic solutions can do everything from remotely locking and unlocking doors to maintaining audit trails of who comes and goes and more.

These solutions are possible through a system of electronic and mechanical components that make up what’s commonly known as an access control system. While Guardian Safe & Lock is the locksmith Houston trusts, we also act as a licensed access control installer.

But why should someone invest in access control? While we’ve gone over the question “what is access control” before, the name itself is opaque and the benefits may not be entirely obvious. That’s why today we’re going to discuss the benefits of adding an access control system, and the time and money it can save you. 

The Benefits Of An Access Control System

Did you know that according to the ‘Pixie’ lost and found app on the app store that 28% of people are likely to lose their keys at least once a month? Imagine having one-in-five of your employees regularly misplacing their keys and requiring new duplicates. While individual keys can be cheap, it can still add up. Not to mention the fact that if you lose your keys to your building, it’s common practice to rekey your locks; which could cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This isn’t even including more expensive restricted keyways that can be 4 times or more expensive than a more common blank.

When you have a keypad, biometric reader, or badge reader you don’t have to worry about losing keys. Although you still need a mechanical option like a lock and key in case of a power failure, they would only be used if necessary. This can save you from wasted time and money sending employees to get new keys copied or having to rekey your facility.

In addition to the monetary savings, there are far more benefits to installing and using an access control system. Access control systems allow you to control who goes where, and when. The main reason for switching to an access control system is because it allows you to set specific restrictions on who has access to what doors, while also keeping track of who comes and goes. 

Access Control System Houston, Texas

You can set schedules for each user or group of users in your access control software, and also pull reports on the history of access on a specific door. Some of the newer systems even allow you to use your phone as a credential or even allow you to run and maintain your system from your phone.

Another strong reason to invest in access control is the level of integration possible. Consolidation and streamlining of your security make managing your property easier. Access control systems can usually be tied into many manufacturers’ existing electronic hardware, like surveillance camera systems and security alarms. They can be set to not only operate in the same facility but work together. For example, if a lock fitted as part of an access control system is bypassed, the system can recognize this and trigger the security alarm.

When Is Access Control Essential?

While traditional key-and-lock systems aren’t going anywhere anytime soon due to their reliability in the event of power loss or catastrophic disaster. Access control systems are now considered vital in many types of businesses due to the level of oversight allowed for both one facility and multiple locations as well.

Some examples of businesses that should definitely consider an access control system include the following:

  • Investment and law firms
  • Government agencies and law enforcement facilities
  • Hospitals, clinics, and addiction recovery centers
  • School systems and industrial firms
  • Businesses keeping records on human resources
  • Any organization dealing with medical records or other sensitive information

Access Control Systems come in all shapes and sizes, whether it’s for a home or business. If you are thinking about installing one of these systems, call your local locksmith security company. At Guardian Safe & Lock we offer mechanical and electrical access control systems. We can also merge mechanical key systems, CCTV surveillance systems, and electronic access control systems into one total package.

These businesses and many others may find access control important to aid in complying with local and federal laws such as HIPAA in the medical industry, countering corporate espionage, and 

Access Control houstonsecuring essential documents or computer systems. Even in a reactionary situation, these systems can still document and trace who gained access to sensitive properties or information and greatly decrease the time and cost associated with performing an investigation after the fact.

The Best Access Control System Installers In Houston

Access control systems are complex, and in the state of Texas require licensing to perform these services. Luckily, Guardian Safe & Lock is more than just your premiere Houston locksmith. Our locksmith technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured to install access control systems as well. From single-door systems to complex cloud-based systems designed to work across multiple facilities such as Brivo, we definitely have a solution for you.

Our technicians are fully trained for residential and commercial locksmith work. We install Houston security cameras to clearly monitor the city’s buildings and property. We specialize in access control system installation, maintenance, and replacement, and servicing as well as stocking the best home security safes Houston can buy.

Whether you need a Spring TX locksmith, or a locksmith in The Woodlands Call us today at 832-534-8687 to schedule a free quote on fully protecting your building.

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