Jewelry Safes

jewelry safes Protect your Jewelry and Get Peace of Mind

A lot of people who want to buy a security safe in Houston need a unit designed to protect their jewelry and give them peace of mind over its security. They want a place to organize their gold and diamonds as well as other items like guns, important papers, and other valuables. What they need are jewelry safes.

These high-security jewelry safes are designed with special jewelry cabinets, which can protect all your jewelry and more, in one quick and easy-access location. Some jewelry safes even include drawers, hanging hooks, and watch winders to make organization easy.

What To Look For In Jewelry Safes

Most Houston home safe types have options for use as a jewelry safe. If jewelry and documents are all you wish to store, most smaller units would work for you. The main things to consider are the units’ UL security rating, UL fire rating, solid steel construction, and steel doors. There are even jewelry safes that have specially designed drawers with slots for rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

One choice would be a jewelry wall safe. These smaller units are mounted onto the support structure of your home or business in a wall so that only the front-facing door is showing. This face can be covered with wall decorations. Most criminals look for units that are out in the open, and might never notice this type of safe. This provides another level of security for your jewelry and other valuables.

On the bigger side of things, consider a gun safe. Even if you’re not a firearms owner, most Houston gun safes come with adjustable shelving and are large enough to secure other large items too. Gun safes and other large floor units can also be bolted down into the floor. This allows them to rely on not just their own weight and locking mechanism, but the strength of your home’s foundation to secure your property from a break-in.

You can use a manual dial or electronic keypad to secure your items in your jewelry safe. A biometric wall safe provides a similar level of protection. It’s a jewelry safe that reads fingerprints to allow you quick access to your jewelry and other valuables. This limits the possibility of the safe being opened by anyone but you.

safes for jewelryAnti-Tampering Features

Another deciding factor that you should consider when purchasing any safe is its anti-tampering features, especially for jewelry safes. A good safe will have multiple anti-tampering features such as hardened steel plates and relockers that trigger when the safe is under attack.

Hardened steel plates are tempered and used to slow down anyone that is attempting to drill open the lock body of your safe and gain entry. They greatly reinforce the safe where criminals may attempt to break in to bypass the security. The relocker is triggered when someone is either drilling into or banging on the safe.

When someone is trying to force their way into your safe by drilling and breaking it, it sets off a relocker; which is a solid steel bolt that drops into the railing of the safe. This blocks the bolts from being able to slide back and forth and open the safe.

Having a hardened steel plate and a relocker protecting your valuables is crucial to making sure that serious criminals trying to break into your safe are denied access. It’s critical to not just consider the normal way of opening a safe, but the ways burglars can try to brute force their way in too.

If your a Jewelry store owner then you will more than likely be required to get a TL-rated Jewelry safe for insurance purposes. These jewelery safes have extreme protection against burglary attacks and make excellent jewlery safes for holding very valuable items.

Jewelry Safes & Fire Ratings

Gold, diamonds, and other precious materials are known to degrade at higher temperatures, so why not consider a jewelry safe that offers fire protection as well? Jewelry safes can also function as fire safes, provided they possess the correct rating from the Underwriters Laboratories. This can protect your jewelry from having to undergo weeks of expensive restoration or replacement after a house fire.

The tests that the Underwriters Laboratories run are tough. They end in the results of a measure of time by temperature. The tests are carried out in an industrial oven, and usually involve placing sheets of paper into a safe before the oven is ignited. A half-hour test equates to a test at 1,550 degrees Fahrenheit test for that measure of time. Most fire-resistant safes in Houston are tested at this initial tier.

A one-hour fire-rated test equals 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. This is where most jewelry safes are declared fireproof, instead of just resistant, if they pass. From that UL rating, the next tiers are two hours at 1850 degrees, three hours at 1920 degrees, and four hours at 2000 degrees.

Most house fires are over in about 20 minutes, and only burn up to 700 degrees. So, while UL testing may rate some fireproof safes into the UL3 and UL4 tiers of protection, this may be unnecessary for most owners unless they live in areas frequently prone to wildfires or firestorms, which can hit these temperatures.

jewelry safe houston Safe Company Near Me

At Guardian Safe and Lock, we have a selection of luxury jewelry safes from many brands such as AMSEC, Hollon, Gardall, and Hayman. Regardless of the model safe you need, we can provide you with a unit that will keep your jewelry and other valuables under lock and safe from thieves or fire.

Don’t take any chances with some of the most expensive items you own. Give us a call, or stop by our showroom to see which units our team of expert Houston Locksmiths can offer for your specific home or business. We’ll even assist in delivery and installation, including bolt-downs or removal of older or broken safes.